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Vibration Workingshare

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Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Before Kisi

  • Coworking vision

  • Vibration Workingshare opened its space with Kisi

  • After

  • Unlock remotely and onboard members from anywhere

  • Easy configuration to automate operations

  • Easy to integrate with Nexudus

How many members do you have?

Around 55

How many doors do you use with Kisi?

7 doors

How was it to set up Kisi and onboard your members?

It was very easy and our customers are happy to not need keys.

Can you share any overheads you save money on? Or time that you save?

As the manager, having the possibility to open the doors from anywhere is very useful and allows me to manage any trouble from far away. Also, the fact that I do not need to be present to give keys or badges.

Does Kisi allow you to completely automate operations?

Yes, it does. Kisi’s easy configuration makes it simple to automate all my operations.

What is Kisi most helpful with today?

To give access to the customers automatically and from far away.

How do your members feel about Kisi?

They love the freedom it gives them.

Do you integrate Kisi with other programs? Like a management system for your coworking space?

Yes, we use Nexudus.

How is Kisi helping you to scale to your next location?

We would definitely use Kisi for the next location—thanks to Nexudus and Kisi working together it’s very easy to give one customer access to severals centers.

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