Membership Access Control For Coworking Spaces

Give members secure 24/7 access to your space.

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With Kisi, you get real-time data that gives you actionable insights on the use of your coworking space, your ideal member, and the impact of your pricing structure. See why coworking spaces throughout the world have Kisi to secure their space and improve their business.

"When we found Kisi it was too good to be true. It is a great mix of everything we were looking for." Co-Working Owner

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Features to Help You Run Your Coworking Space

Kisi smartphone access control enables your business to:

Get more members in your space

Robust reporting and anlytics to optimize your membership offerings.

More members is good for business

With the Kisi access control system, you have the power of data at your hands to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Through the Kisi access management platform, you can uncover operations trends among your members via real-time unlock information and advanced rich analytics.

Data Insight

Understand Your Members
Who uses your space most frequently and at what times.

See Gaps in Desk Bookings
Understand where you have an opportunity to offer a new plan.

Target Inactive Members
Identify who has not been to your space recently and reengage them.

Recognize Member Trends
Visually see the times when your space is most and least full.

Business Impacts 

Analyze Your Membership Structure
Get the best value from members using your space the most. 

Fill Your Space Faster
Use Kisi as a marketing tool to sell a variety of plans.

Prevent Member Turnover
Stop losing members due to lack of 24/7 access. 

Update Your Marketing
Rebrand to attract members who fit these trends.

Put Kisi to Work

Kisi is built to help you create a unique experience for your coworking space


When a daily pass reservation is made, you can instantly send a Kisi smartphone key to the user based on the time and day he or she made the reservation for. Even before daily members have entered your space, they already feel like a full-time member of your community, and you can ensure they’re only using your space within the time allotted. Offering an experience like this is what will help you convert daily members to long-term members.

Meeting Room Reservations

When a meeting room reservation is made, a Kisi smartphone key can instantly be sent to the visitor hosting the meeting and the attendees of the meeting. Hosts get to impress their visitors with their seamless meeting experience, and you get to ensure hosts and their attendees don’t abuse their access to your space. With the seamless Kisi access system, not only are you impressing the host of the meeting, but you’re impressing the new visitor to your space, increasing the chance that they’ll book their next meeting with you.


For members who only need access to your space during certain times or days of the month, you can easily ensure invoke time-based restrictions to their Kisi smartphone key. Kisi is always watching out to ensure your members aren’t using the space more than they’ve paid for.

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With Kisi, you get an affordable and scalable tool that not only improves your member satisfaction, but also improves your bottom line

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Streamline your operations

We know that keeping your members happy is your number one priority.

With Kisi access management, you gain back those precious minutes and can allocate your free time to streamlining your operations to improve your member satisfaction. 

Instantly issue or revoke smartphone keys to your space 

Easily group your members based on membership tier or time-based restrictions 

Unlock your space remotely 

Integrate with your current coworking space management software such as Nexudus or Cobot

“At Mod, we're committed to bringing hospitality to the workplace. Integrating Kisi with our software has not only helped provide a better experience for our members, but more importantly, helped them love the way they work.”

Position your coworking space as a technology-enabled thought leader

Build your brand and create strong relationships with your members.

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Plan to Scale

As your membership continues to grow, Kisi seamlessly grows with you.

Opening an Additional Space?Access rights for all your spaces can easily be controlled in the Kisi portal.

Expanding In Your Current Space?One Kisi hardware device can power up to four doors.

Optimized for EverywhereKisi enables you to plan to scale your business by offering a solution that is easy to implement, gives valuable insights of your current member trends, and increases the efficiency of your team. Read the Coworking Resources Wiki to learn more about how to grow spaces.

Certified Installers Across the USWe use our certified installer network to send out an experienced technician to install the device in your office. If you need a new lock or other hardware, he'll be able to give you an estimate and make sure it's installed properly.

Offering New Membership Tiers?Easily add or remove members from access groups that correlate with the access rights of your membership offerings.

Expanding to a new region?Kisi’s nationwide installer network provides a turnkey solution for your door in every state.

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