Access control for coworking spaces

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Run your space with ease

Kisi enables facility managers around the world to better manage physical access and operations by offering a growth-proof solution that integrates with all the major CRMs. There's a reason it's the top-rated access control system on the market. Let’s dive into the key features.

Monetize access

  • Increase your revenue by monetizing access to meeting rooms and other available space

  • Offer 24/7 access as an add-on feature

  • Automatically revoke access to non-paying users

Grant access permissions based on membership tiers

  • Customize your permissions based on the membership plan

  • Seamlessly manage hot desks, conference areas, private offices, and any other area you might have.

Dispense visitor and temporary access

  • Rapidly grant access to visitors

  • Easily showcase the facility to possible members

  • Use Scheduled Unlocks for conferences

Take advantage of the integration with your coworking CRM and tech stack

  • Works with G Suite and your current security system

  • Integrates with multiple coworking software

  • Integrates with security cameras

Filter and export access events

  • Export up to 10,000 access events from your dashboard in seconds

  • Great for security audits or incident investigation

Empower your community managers

Relieve your Community Managers from their stressful or mundane duties. Kisi uses smart technology and automation to allow your staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Kisi dashboard

No more running after people

Access is given and revoked automatically, so you won’t have any more dependency from your users

No more chaos with keycards

Mobile access makes keycards, fobs and tokens redundant

No more fuss with deliveries

Remotely manage your entrance from the dashboard

Adding value to your coworking space

Beyond increasing security, Kisi allows you to run smoother processes, enhance member experiences, and more:



Increase revenue through a tiered system.



Pull access reports easily to understand who was on-site.



Quickly onboard new members and automatically issue guest passes.



Understand space usage and discover new opportunities.

Access methods for coworking spaces

Members can access your facility in multiple ways. These are the most commonly used methods for shared workspaces and coworking spaces.


Keycards and key fobs

Tap to unlock

Tap to unlock

In-app unlock

In-app unlock

Learn more about our unlock methods

Kisi integrates with your coworking software

Kisi is the access control system with the most integrations on the market. We seamlessly integrate with your current security system, and we integrate with multiple CRM software.

Sync member databases to Kisi

Your members automatically get recognized by our database to make the event logs clear and in order.

Issue trials and day passes

Automate onboarding and access permission changes

Make bookings simple for your members

Kisi phone app

What do you need to get started?

Kisi Reader

Kisi Reader Pro

  • Enables card and mobile access

Kisi Controller

Kisi Controller Pro

  • WiFi and/or Ethernet connectivity

  • Controls up to 4 doors and 4 contact sensors

Kisi webapp

Kisi Software

  • Remote access management

  • Leverage 30+ integrations

Save time.
Enhance security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.