Grow your coworking business with mobile access

Kisi is a cloud-based access control system. It allows coworking spaces to connect their doors to their member-management system to generate additional revenue streams, keep operations lean, and scale faster.

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Profit-driven features.

Kisi mobile access control is designed to:
Increase profitability with Kisi

Fill up your space

Offer a variety of membership plans and sync different door-access levels like 24/7, 9 to 5, or weekends to get different types of new members.

Kisi on demand access

Retain your member community

Provide a differentiated coworking experience by having seamless access and member-exclusive stays.

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Kisi scales your business

Optimize and report your space usage

Know when and what type of membership pass to issue, using historical real-time utilization data and add this data to investor reports. 

Make the most out of your space.

Kisi helps you make informed decisions to effectively manage your space, attract new members, and retain existing members.

Operations Benefits

  • Monetize your space

    Start charging for conference room usage by simply granting access to members who have paid.

  • Operate 24/7

    Increase revenue by allowing around-the-clock access to different tiers of members.

  • Connect your doors to your membership CRM

    Focus on automating other aspects of operations, since access control is now taken care of.

  • Increase member satisfaction

    Deepen engagement with members and customers using the time saved from managing access control.

Simple Software Pricing for Coworking Spaces

Starting at

per member / month

Special pricing available for spaces with more than 50 members

Included in the license:

  • Manage door access in the cloud
  • Integrates with all coworking CRM’s
  • Guest pass access
  • Customer support & 1on1 onboarding
  • Member access reporting features
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Connection with a local, vetted installer
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Kisi software requires hardware

Learn more about our hardware or estimate a quote based on the number of members and doors you want to secure.

Hardware Overview

Streamline Your Operations

Seamlessly integrate with your current coworking space management software, such as Nexudus, Cobot, Optix, OfficeRnD, KUBE by WUN, Croissant.
Easily group your members based on membership plans or time-based restrictions.
Instantly issue or revoke smartphone keys to your space.
Remotely unlock your space whenever you need it.
Kisi Operations

Scale Your Business

Here’s how we work to support
your expansion plans:

Features to standardize operations

We help you achieve the highest level of automated access control, so you can focus on optimizing other aspects of business operations.

Certified installers across the US and abroad

Wherever you plan to expand, our certified-installers network will be able to provide you with experienced technicians to get the hardware up and running in no time.

Map of Kisi installers

Join hundreds of coworking spaces using Kisi

With real-time access control, insightful data, a model of the ideal customer, effective scheduling plans and a great pricing structure, it's no mystery why hundreds of coworking spaces trust Kisi to secure their space and improve their business.

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Impact HUB - Kisi
HQ Kisi
The Yard
Alley NYC - Kisi
Mod - Kisi
We have about 1,500 members working at our space. Before Kisi, we had to provision each of them with an actual key card—and just finding them, breaking them, losing them—it was just too much of a pain.
James Wahba
Co-founder at Projective Space

Kisi Coworking Use-Cases

Here are some of the ways
coworking spaces use Kisi:

Daily Pass

Certain customers prefer to make reservations on a day-to-day basis. When a reservation is made, a Kisi smartphone key is instantly sent to the user, granting them access based on the allotted time they reserved.
Daily Kisi pass

Connecting door access to membership management.

Synchronize member databases with Kisi to grant active members access to your space. Access is easily limited by day or hour, and access profiles are mapped to different membership plans.

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Opening an additional space?

Access rights for all your spaces can easily be controlled in the Kisi portal.

Expanding your current space?

Kisi syncs with your member directory to automatically onboard existing members.

Offering new membership tiers?

Easily add or remove members from access groups that correlate with the access rights of your membership offerings.

Expanding to a new region?

Kisi’s worldwide installer network provide a turnkey solution for your door, no matter where your space is located.
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