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The Yard

How The Yard Scaled With Kisi

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The Yard
  • Before Kisi

  • Spent time and effort on managing keycards

  • Member setting-up process was cumbersome

  • After

  • Increase in operational efficiency

  • Decrease in front desk hours required

  • Easy to scale and set up new locations

Can you tell us more about how you are using Kisi?

The Yard uses Kisi on front doors, rear doors and important rooms as it scales to new locations. This adds up to anywhere between 1-7 doors per location, across 14 locations.

Reception area at The Yard.

How did you learn about Kisi and what does it help you with?

I learned about Kisi from my colleague, so I started looking into what Kisi could offer. One of the main benefits of Kisi is the ability to directly manage member access from the cloud without having to be bothered with traditional access control issues—like managing who has a keycard or fob—because that’s really annoying.

What we really love about it is the operational efficiency.We can manage access in real time, and then grant or relinquish access instantly, if needed. For example, when a new member wants to set her office up on the weekend we can send her a Kisi link and she's ready to set up her mobile key. There wouldn’t be a need to physically collect a keycard, which would require waiting until Monday for the Community Managers to be onsite.

With turnover every month, using traditional keycards definitely meant extra man hours from our Community Managers; however, now that they don’t have to handle this, it's really helpful for their workflow. Also, with Kisi, companies who have their spaces with us can rest assured that the access of people who leave their company is immediately relinquished. They won’t need to go through the complicated process of tracing which key card was assigned to him, and trying to get that keycard back.

meeting room
Meeting room at The Yard.

What makes Kisi stand out from other access control solutions?

Compared to other mobile access control solutions, what Kisi offers is really lightweight. That fits with our use case, since we were searching for something that could be easily added into our existing setup of traditional access control. It's also cost-effective because of the way that we deploy it in our app, using Kisi's open API—so that’s a huge plus.

Lastly, we really appreciate the effort from the employees at Kisi because they establish a personal relationship with us. We know that we can count on them if anything goes down, and over-the-air updates keep Kisi's system running smoothly.

What is Kisi most helpful with today?

It is most helpful with streamlining operations. We can’t really put it in terms of the number of man hours, but when new members join The Yard they make a Kisi account and then enjoy access immediately. As opposed to coming up to the front desk and having the Community Managers manually input in their details to get a keycard assigned to them that they might lose or forget at home. That is the strongest day-to-day change since we installed Kisi. As for our members, we’ve integrated Kisi into our app so they get to unlock doors there (without navigating to Kisi's app), alongside other commonly-used functions like the booking of conference rooms.

Lounge at The Yard.

Join The Yard in Using Kisi

With Kisi, The Yard integrates access control into its app, allowing members to book conference rooms.

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