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Smart locks and remote access control

What are smart locks, and how do these compare to access control systems like Kisi ?

Smart locks use an electromechanical lock system to perform the locking and unlocking functions on a door. Smart locks typically feature deadbolt attachment hardware and basic software that’s installed manually.


Smart lock use cases

While smart locks are a suitable option for most consumer use cases, access control systems are, most of the time, a better alternative for commercial use such as office door locks. Think of them as a commercial smart lock that can be managed from anywhere and have more capabilities, including integration with video surveillance, automated access sharing, and detailed analytics.

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Powerful access control

Kisi is an advanced access control system with remote and automatic door locks for businesses. The customizable software, unlimited users and customer support make it a more viable solution for offices and commercial facilities than smart locks.

How do commercial smart locks compare with Kisi?


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Smart Locks

Control specifics

  • Hardware controlled remotely
  • Operate using various technology
  • Deadbolt attachment hardware
  • Mostly Bluetooth-enabled

Integration requirements

  • Integrated installation
  • Customizable software
  • Do-it-yourself Installation
  • Fixed software

User management

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Central dashboard management
  • Customer support
  • Limited number of users
  • Basic in-app management functions
  • FAQ and online tutorials

Reporting and analytics

  • Unlock heatmaps
  • Event filtering
  • Event export
  • Little or no analytics available

Integration with video surveillance

  • Native integration with quality video surveillance brand
  • API compatibility with all brands
  • No integration available

Access sharing

  • Automated via directory integration
  • Remote access sharing available
  • Self-expiring access
  • Manual access sharing
  • Limited access restrictions available

Upgrade your smart locks

For the untrained eye, Kisi and traditional smart locks are similar solutions. In both cases, you have fancy hardware that gives you an additional layer of control in your facility. The similarities, however, end there. Kisi’s depth in features makes it a much more sophisticated and efficient system for the majority of use cases.

Customizable control

The advantage of Kisi over smart locks is its powerful technology. The Kisi software gives you full control over who accesses where and when (this is fully customizable with alerts, time restrictions and remote access control). Kisi allows your company to build dashboards, create a reporting system and to integrate access control with the rest of your security system and program stack.

Flexible installation

Kisi can be installed on almost any entry point, including glass doors in meeting rooms, storefront doors, gates or elevators. The only requirement being that an electronic lock is in place.


Are smart locks always a bad option?

Absolutely not! In fact, even for commercial uses, there might be situations in which there is no electric strike in place. In these cases, smart locks are still a very solid solution to add more security to your space. The same can be said for some use cases in which the doors do not require a high level of security, and the admin does not have the luxury of being able to make some installation work or having cables showing around.

For these scenarios, we have an existing integration with Allegion .

The Kisi advantage


Lock compatibility

Kisi integrates with all types of electronic locks, so you won’t need to replace your existing system. That means no time and money wasted installing a new lock!

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Unlock speed

Due to their battery-saving design, wireless locks are often very slow in responding to your input. Kisi uses Bluetooth or NFC to unlock your door in milliseconds.

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Battery lifetime

Being a wired solution, Kisi never has battery issues and you never have to worry about battery performance-related issues. Using a wired solution also prevents you from having issues of interference between the lock and the central getaway used to communicate with the hardware.

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Management solution

Wireless locks are usually made by lock manufacturers, while software and credentials are made by a third party. Kisi is a complete solution, which ensures that everything works perfectly together.


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