Deployment options for your needs

Kisi opens the door to seamless access control in any environment. Choose to upgrade your current access control setup or implement the Kisi system from scratch.

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Leverage your existing system with Kisi’s backward compatibility to bring all your locations to the cloud or move them to mobile access control. For multi-site solutions, this option allows for hybrid deployments across any existing door setup, including turnstile, elevator, or your regular prox card readers. Enroll your existing cards for cross-compatibility with other locations.

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    Modern cloud and mobile access

    Modernize your building by upgrading your current access system to Kisi. Our system will operate alongside your existing setup for seamless cloud and mobile capabilities.

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    Reduce installation costs

    Connect your existing readers and cables to Kisi. Use a phased approach to stay on budget and choose which parts of your current access system you’ll keep. Get access to the cloud and utilize remote global management and over-the-air updates.

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    Flexible credentials

    Set different credentials and access levels for various users and groups. Mix and match legacy credentials with Kisi’s mobile access and manage all locations and users behind a single pane of glass.

  • Use Kisi’s cloud-based technology platform to deploy a new access solution that scales to many sites and doors. Access the complete feature set from our award-winning mobile tap-to-unlock technology and enjoy end-to-end security for the whole organization.

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    Future proof access

    Conquer the security challenges of tomorrow with Kisi’s robust solution. Swiftly respond to the latest access trends with constant over-the-air updates. The minimalist, award-winning design of the Kisi Reader Pro fits every space while providing contactless access and maximum reliability.

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    Empower admins and users

    Increased efficiency and control for admins that can manage every space, door, and user from the intuitive Kisi dashboard. Convenience and peace of mind as credentials are always at hand.

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    Streamline operations

    Create groups to manage different access levels with ease. Enhance security with our holiday schedules feature or set time restrictions for doors and users. Integrate Kisi with the software you already use, like security cameras, data analytics tools, visitor systems, and even SCIM and SSO.

  • Upgrade to a flexible, all-in-one solution

    Effortless wiring.
    Extended capabilities.

    Unlock unlimited scalability by transitioning to a modern, cloud-based access control system. Explore our unique migration journeys tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Get in touch to find the right migration path for you and experience fast and easy installation for a seamless and cost-efficient upgrade.

    Full or hybrid Kisi

    Go from a legacy to a native Kisi setup with minimal installation efforts and costs thanks to a single Kisi adapter. Enjoy end-to-end security for the whole organization by accessing the full feature set from our award-winning mobile Tap to Unlock to MotionSense technology.

    Mobile credentials overlay

    Enable mobile access control with minimal costs while preserving your legacy system and the functionality of your current readers. Kisi will serve as the system of record for mobile credentials, allowing users to unlock doors by tapping in the Kisi mobile apps.

    Mobile and physical credentials overlay

    Enable both tap in app and card unlocks with Kisi while keeping your legacy controllers and readers. Use Kisi as a shared or sole system of record for legacy credentials. Experience the go-to option for multi-office buildings to ensure continuous access from the shared main entrance to your office door.

    Get a better ROI by migrating to Kisi

    Kisi allows for a cost-efficient upgrade to cloud-based security with zero downtime. Download our ROI document or explore the migration options.

    Introducing Kisi x Apple

    Enable seamless mobile access with Apple Wallet

    As a certified Apple partner, Kisi combines the ease-of-use and security of Apple Wallet with Kisi’s enhanced access control.

    Unified access control, even with shared entrances

    Enjoy a unified experience through all entry points with mobile access control. Use Kisi without asking to replace the main entrance legacy system. Property managers or landlords retain control over the base building and keep the ability to deny access to users if necessary. Increase security and decrease administrative work by scraping physical credentials that get easily lost and outdated.