We handle millions of unlocks and shared keys worldwide.

Kisi’s vision is to elevate the day-to-day experience and security at your space as soon as you arrive at the door and beyond.

The Story

In 2012, we built the first prototype of what is now known as Kisi (kē-zē). While starting small, our vision has always been to change the way we secure facilities. As an IoT company, our goal is not to create an extra product to buy, but actually enhance an everyday experience—working and living indoors.

Today Kisi is the industry-leading physical security system for modern facilities. Arming your team members with a keyless entry system does more than eliminate keys—it builds a vibrant office culture. Our simple web dashboard and easy-to-use app save administrators and employees time, result in fewer interruptions, and add up to a positive work experience day after day. Kisi is the only access system that offers a future proof end-to-end solution. Over-the-cloud updates occur in real time and enable full automation through third-party software integrations.

Our keyless entry system is installed in thousands of high-traffic facilities across the globe. More and more companies are switching their security to do it the Kisi way.

Our Locations

Our team is international and diverse. We have offices in Brooklyn and Stockholm, as well as remote employees all over the world!



45 Main St,

Brooklyn, NY 11201



Tjärhovsgatan 1

116 21 Stockholm