Connecting people and spaces one door at a time


A prototype built in the kitchen in 2012 has turned into the highest-rated access control solution known as Kisi (kē-zē).

This brainchild of Bernhard, Max, and Carl started small, but their vision has always been monumental – to change the way we secure facilities. As an IoT company, our goal is not to create another product but to enhance an everyday experience – working and living indoors.

Today we are the industry-leading physical security system for modern facilities. Arming your team members with a keyless entry system, Kisi does much more than eliminating keys. It ensures a safe yet welcoming facility experience. Our simple web dashboard and easy-to-use app save administrators and employees time, result in fewer interruptions, and add up to a positive work experience day after day. Kisi is committed to securing your entry into the future.


Develop innovative products and solutions to ensure ease of facility access and remote space management. Provide access systems to create a secure future where spaces are connected and accessible without boundaries.


Connect people and spaces.



Kisi boasts global reach in 50+ countries and secures 500 Million sq. ft of facilities.


Open Access Platform Launch

Wiegand compatibility introduced for Wiegand Readers (HID)



Launch of the Kisi platform, including video, intrusion, and occupancy.



1 million+ active users.


Kisi Reader Pro

Roll out of the US-made Kisi Reader Pro that reads smartphones and cards.



100 offices equipped with Kisi’s mobile only version.



First office equipped with Kisi prototype in Manhattan, New York.



Frustrated with legacy access control systems, Max, Carl, and Bernie developed the first prototype and founded Kisi.

Certified security.

Award-winning design.

Seamless experience.

Taking care of spaces and people.

Forward, human, trusted, and responsible are the values we stand by. That means crafting experiences for the future while being socially responsible. We ensure our US-manufactured products' sustainability and develop them in environmentally responsible Sweden. Kisi's vision to connect people and spaces reflects in our yearly work-life balance study – opening the doors to promoting healthy, positive, and secure work cultures worldwide.

Responsibility & Action

Meet our Founders

Max Schuetz

COO, Co-Founder

Bernhard Mehl

CEO, Co-Founder

Carl Pfeiffer

CTO, Co-Founder

Meet our team

The Kisi team works from 15 countries and represents 20+ nationalities. We boast a New York HQ, a Stockholm office, and a global remote team spanning America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We're purpose-driven and lean on Kisi's mission, vision, and values. Our people connect over our weekly lunches, annual meetups, and inspiring team events.

Global, multicultural, multiethnic team on an uplifting mission

Our inclusive, remote culture stimulates us to discover the best talent. Covering multiple locations, we strive to offer equal perks to everyone. Health and retirement plans, remote and hybrid work environment, generous vacation, and endless growth opportunities, to name a few. Ready to join our team?

Kisi Careers




Established, well-known access control brand with a strong customer base in forward thinking organizations.

Founded: 2012

HQ: Brooklyn, New York

Founders: Bernhard Mehl, Max Schuetz, Carl Pfeiffer


ISO 27001


US 9.437,061


IF Design Award (Germany)

Good Design Award (Japan)


4.8 stars on iOS

4.5 stars on Android

4.6 stars on Capterra


Employees: 60+

Countries: 15

Nationalities: 21

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