Visitor and Temporary Access Management

Easily give visitors temporary access using Kisi

Visitor Link Access

Improving the visitor experience

Access control secures your facilities and streamlines entry, but does it make the visitor experience more difficult?

Not with Kisi. Kisi uses digital permissions that can be sent to visitors' phones to grant them temporary access to your spaces — they don't even need to download the Kisi app.

Ditch visitor keycard and fobs

Giving visitors keycards or fobs to be able to access your facility for the duration of their stay is, lets face it, archaic. They'll lose it, forget they have it, or simply leave it somewhere.

Kisi's Temporary Keys are entirely digital and work on the one device we all carry with us every day: Our phones. These keys don't get lost or missplaced, and you can easy manage the access they give and how long they are valid from your Kisi dashboard.

How Temporary Keys work

Adding a temporary key is like adding a new user to your Kisi account. All that's different is granting your temporary users Link Access.

Link Access is exactly what it sounds like: members are sent a link that takes them to a webpage, granting them access. This method requires no app downloads and no account creation, making it ideal for any visitors to your spaces.

You can even give a duration to the Temporary Key, ensuring that unmanaged access doesn't introduce additional security risks.

Benefits of Temporary Keys

  • Better access experience for visitors
  • Easily managed
  • Time-based access permissions
  • No app download or account creation required for visitors
  • Unlock doors with a cell phone

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