Manage your spaces wherever you are

Enable your team to manage door access, review events, and run your space remotely.

kisi space management
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Front Door Unlock

Tim unlocked the front door via mobile app


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Remote security management in the cloud

  • Manage access together with your Office-, IT- and Operations team

  • Grant or revoke access remotely

  • Remotely unlock any door from anywhere

  • Monitor and export events in real time

  • Remotely audit potential security breaches

  • Monitor the health status of the system

Regain control over your space

Multi-site management

Manage unlimited locations from one dashboard.

Access groups

Time-based access

SSO enabled door access

Kisi connects people with spaces

Integrate Kisi with tools you already use to run a frictionless workplace.

Features admins love

The highest-rated access control solution on the market

Experience the future of access control