Cloud management for your doors

The Kisi access control software allows you to control all of your locations from anywhere. Review events, share access or remotely configure security.

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Kisi Dashboard

Managed doors made easy

The Kisi Cloud Management Dashboard makes it easy to manage, control and audit your doors from anywhere.


  • Manage unlimited doors.
  • Share or revoke access.


  • See door events in real time.
  • Add locations as your company grows.


  • Cloud-configurable access schedules.
  • Accessible from anywhere.

Admin control of your doors has never been easier

Add doors, change security rules—grow your company efficiently.

The Kisi Cloud Management Dashboard is easy to use and simple to manage. It supports your unique journey as a company.
  • Cloud Storage
    Dashboard Features
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Zone Sharing
  • Access Groups
Schedule Kisi Door

Audit and schedule your doors

Connect up to four exit buttons, or proximity sensors, to track when visitors leave your spaces. For convenience, the controller can also be configured to unlock doors when triggered.

See How Kisi Works

Stays alert—so you don’t have to

Connect up to four doors or windows to the contact sensors, on your Kisi controller, and let Kisi warn you when doors or windows are forced open by unwanted visitors.
Dashboard Features
  • Manage multiple administrators
  • Set up group hierarchies for differentiated access
  • Enable your team with phone or card—or both
  • Alerts and notifications for anomalies
  • Monitor device status
  • Automate with your directory for less manual work

Why Should You Choose the Cloud for Door Access?

With the Cloud:

  • You don’t need a local server! All your data is hosted on a secure remote server, which eliminates maintenance and training costs.
  • Free, over-the-air security and feature updates.
  • Free tech assistance from a dedicated support team.

Without the Cloud:

  • Expensive hidden costs like hourly maintenance or extra fees for software updates and training.
  • It’s more complicated (and costly) to manage your system remotely.
  • Older systems are often too complex to easily delegate to other team members.

Isn’t a locally-hosted system more secure?

In fact, a cloud-based system is hosted in one of the most secure data centers in the world — in most cases by Amazon Web Services.

Why do I pay for a recurring license?

Since cloud software is typically all-inclusive, there are no hidden costs. The licensing fee keeps the overall cost of the system consistent, with no surprise fees for upgrades, tech support, and unscheduled maintenance, which are common with legacy systems.

The licensing fee, over time, proves to be much cheaper than the monthly/ yearly costs associated with maintaining an outdated system.

Why change now?

Your organization changes as new technology emerges. You most likely operate many aspects of your business through the cloud already (e.g. Salesforce, Office 365, Google Suite, etc.). A cloud-based door access system allows your physical office to keep up with your increasingly agile virtual office.

Download the Product Overview

In-depth overview of Kisi's hardware, architecture and use-cases. A starter guide to Kisi's system to understand its value in a quick PDF.

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