Remotely manage all spaces, anytime

Intuitive, cloud-based access management dashboard with advanced functionality.

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Remote management for the modern workplace

Utilize the Kisi dashboard’s powerful data insights to optimize your spaces.

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    Grant and revoke access to users, user groups, and visitors.

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    Stay compliant and optimize space utilization with event history, place, and user analytics.

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    Monitor access events in real-time.

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    Quickly respond to critical events and track what’s happening in real-time with alert policies.

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    Monitor and manage the facility’s capacity by combining real-time and estimated space utilization.

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    Enhance your security by getting notified about policy violations, like when a door is forced or propped open.

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    Create door access schedules.

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Kisi is our choice as the best access control system overall.

We are deploying Kisi in most of our facilities and really love the platform. It gives us easy, centralized control to an enterprise-grade access control system.

Rick Mueller, Pediatric Home Service

We’re a hyper-regulated company and have to keep track of who comes in and out. Access logs are what help us out and they’re very important for us.

Aaron Oboh, Zipari

Kisi allows us to have a fluid day, regardless of what office location we're working in, without slowing us down.

Dillon Okner , Enjoy

It's SUPER easy for our team to use and I never get questions like 'I forgot the code', or 'I lost my keycard'.

Jenna Capizzi, mindbodygreen

The first time anyone tries the app, they freak out — they think it’s so cool! Kisi is a game changer for us.

Paul Heneghan, Algolia

Most people have a smartphone on them at all times; so to be able to take one less key or badge off the keychain, is fantastic.

Ryan Grant, Volta Labs

Adding users is an extremely quick process. Using Kisi allows us to decrease operational costs and increase revenue...

Eric Turner, Atomic Athlete

Manage people, spaces, and events

  • Spaces

    Manage a single office or worldwide locations. Secure spaces with unlock schedules and remote lockdowns. Optimize space utilization with in-depth analytics about each location.

  • Users

    Easily organize permissions for users, groups, and visitors. Streamline processes by automatically granting user permissions with directory integrations.

  • Events

    Stay compliant with neatly logged and organized access events, allowing you to audit your security easily. Augment the data with visual snapshots and capacity analytics.

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