The Highest-Rated Access Control System 

Kisi's enterprise-grade system is easy to use, whether you're new to physical security or an expert.

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Access Control

Access Control Products

Understand the four parts of Kisi.

What’s the result?

Employees gain authenticated access to the office in less than one second.

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Kisi Simplifies the Workplace

Manage remotely with Kisi

Remote Management

You can’t physically be on site 24/7. Manage access rights from anywhere, or authorize co-workers to manage as admins while you're away.
Streamling provisioning

Streamline Provisioning

Create access groups and add new people with an email address. Directory integrations allow automatic provisioning, making your facility truly on-demand accessible.
Door security standards

Extend Your Security Standard to the Door

Kisi's open API allows endless integrations with the apps and management services you already use.
Kisi Compliance needs

Meet Compliance Needs

Kisi provides audit trails in real-time, as exportable CSV files, if you need access control audits to track or pass SOC2 or ISO compliance.

Key Features:

Remote Unlock

Unlock doors remotely from your phone or web browser. Learn more

Tap to Unlock

Unlocking a door is as easy as tapping your phone against the Kisi reader. Learn more

Guest Pass

Send temporary keys to guests and visitors. The keys automatically activate and expire at set times. Learn more

Access Hardware Management

Manage critical electronic components from your dashboard. Learn more

Mobile and Card Badges

Mobile and card credentials allow end-users to monitor credentials and events in their mobile app. Learn more

Access Groups

Control different levels of access through group configurations. Learn more

Door Timer and Scheduling

Keep your doors in check—automatically unlock and lock during business hours or events. Learn more

Multiple Places and Managers

Easily manage multiple places and administrators across your facilities on Kisi's mobile Dashboard. Learn more

Digital Visitor Log

Keep all event logs in one place and get real-time information while you're off-site. Learn more

Easy Access Sharing

Authorize a second administrator to send a mobile key to your new employee's smartphone. Learn more

Compatibility With Your Doors

These lock types work with Kisi. If you already have them installed, great! If not, Kisi’s worldwide integrator network can handle it for you.
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What makes Kisi unique?

Kisi is built for the first-time user and the expert. It works for a single door and it can be deployed on hundreds. Its enterprise-grade features improve every day.

Bring the future into your office.

See What's Behind Kisi

End-to-End Encryption

The reader communicates with your firewall before sending a signal.

Cloud-Based System

No local servers needed—manage the system from anywhere.

Future-Proof Security

Offers the largest amount of integrations and the fastest releases of new features.


Highest-rated system in the industry and trusted by the most modern organizations.

Exceeds IT Standards

Extend your company's cyber security to the physical office.

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