Kisi product overview

A data-rich management platform that makes the point of access easier than ever.

Remote management simplified

Kisi’s cloud infrastructure lets you manage your access control solution remotely from anywhere.

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    Easily manage permissions and automatically sync with your SSO and identity management solutions.

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    Be automatically notified when an intrusion event takes place, with notifications pushed directly to your mobile device.

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    All access events are automatically logged and easily exported for auditing and compliance.

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    Doors and spaces

    Secure by door and space, with the ability to restrict access on a door-by-door basis.

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    Ensure your spaces never exceed max capacity with automated notifications and restriction protocols.

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    Connect Kisi to video surveillance systems or third-party alarm systems.

Kisi Reader Pro

Our Reader is designed to work with the most popular access methods on the market. The slim, unibody design makes it easily fittable even to narrow frames while looking great in any space.

Kisi reader
  • Lightning-fast unlocks

    Unlock in as little as 0.3 seconds

  • Intrusion detection

    Receive automatic notifications when a door is forced open

  • Tamper detection

    Automatically locks down when tampered

  • In/out tracking

    Live, accurate occupancy data logged and organized in the Kisi dashboard

Kisi Controller Pro series

The Kisi Controller Pro series enables you to manage your spaces anywhere using cloud-based tech. Whether you’re managing one door in one location, or hundreds of doors across dozens of locations, the Controller Pro series has you covered.

Kisi controller
  • Door open/close

    Connect exit buttons and motion sensors to easily track when your doors are opened and closed.

  • Connectivity

    Works with WiFi and/or Ethernet with automatic failover.

  • Power

    Each controller has built-in power outputs for additional components like electric strike locks.

  • Remote management

    Easily bring your legacy access control system to the cloud with zero downtime and risk is powered by the Wiegand board.

Kisi software

Kisi is made for admins. You can have all of your access control endpoints and data at your fingertips in a single pane of glass.

analytics dashboard
kisi notifications
  • Multi-site management

    Manage unlimited locations from one dashboard.

  • Access groups

    Simplify and automate access sharing using groups and roles management.

  • Unlock schedules

    Easily set a schedule to unlock your doors that matches hours of operation and holidays.

  • SSO & SCIM provisioning

    Integrate physical access with your identity provider (IdP) via SAML 2.0 and SCIM.

Kisi mobile app

Transform users mobile devices into digital keycards for facility access. Admins can even use their phones to quickly remotely manage their spaces.

kisi credentials
  • Remote unlocks

    Lock and unlock doors remotely (admins only).

  • Lockdown

    Remotely lock doors and spaces (admins only).

  • Seamless access

    Access spaces with Tap To Unlock, MotionSense and more.

  • Access management

    Manage access permissions for users, teams, and visitors.

Kisi also offers other secure methods to access your office, including Kisi Passes, Kisi Tags, or your existing cards.

  • User-first

    smartphone user

    Kisi starts with the user, promising a simple and frictionless experience.

  • Tech-forward

    Kisi app on apple watch

    Our products take the best of modern technology and shape it into a transformative access control solution.

  • Secure


    Kisi helps secure your physical spaces as well as digital information.

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