Top 10 Best Access Control Software 2021

By Bernhard Mehl
December 07, 2020
Top 10 Best Access Control Software 2021

Access control is the streamlined access control of movement around facilities. It restricts areas employees can and cannot enter and provides analytics on all mobility. It also reports any suspicious occurrences.

Look no further for the best access control software 2021 than the guide below. In case you are looking for a guide to choose the best overall access control system, you can check out our article on the topic.

1. Kisi

It would be good to start with none other than the best access control software: Kisi. Kisi is a cloud-based system offering enterprise features to businesses of any size.

In terms of functionality, Kisi offers easy access restrictions, remote management, mobile access, automated provisioning, lockdown feature, video surveillance integrations, and a lot more. Access control occurs through either a key card, a mobile phone, fobs, or remote dashboard unlocks.

In addition to these features, Kisi is also compatible with iOS and Android. This system can integrate with over thirty services from SSO providers to CRM and data management.

Kisi's Cloud-Based Access Control Software
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Should you run a smaller business, ISONAS might be the best access control software system for you. ISONAS operates as a pure IP-type system. It requires minimal hardware thanks to its web browser interface. Equipped with this control system, you are provided with proximity or keypad door readers at access points.

The presence of two-way tamper communication and secure data encryption are just a few of the benefits offered.

3. Johnson Controls

Next of the best access control software 2021 is Johnson Controls. It is a web-based system that provides access control to enable various activities, such as door lock schedules. It also has the capability to monitor alarms and allows the management of permissions. For example, enabling temporary visitor access.

Johnson Controls also integrates video surveillance into its operations. If your business operates in multiple locations, then Johnson Controls would be an excellent choice as it is easy to scale.

4. ADT

ADT is an electronic system that is considered one of the best video surveillance systems. It provides a means to monitor movement in a business and can integrate with other alarm systems.

The benefit of ADT is its speedy same-day service offering their customers monitoring services all day, every day. You can gain access with pin code entry and card access.

ADT is also a product of our modern era with the incorporation of a mobile app service. This provides managers with the ability to manage access remotely.

5. Vanderbilt Industries

Vanderbilt Industries is a cloud-based access control system that controls the lockdown of facilities. The benefits include its scalability and easy integration with other apps. It has three service plans on offer and alarm integration to detect any possible fires that start-up or if someone enters the facility when no one should be there.

Equipped with intelligent door readers and encrypted smart cards that make it possible to enter and move around between various spaces quickly, it is the top software for infrastructure with multiple doors.

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6. Pulse Policy Secure

Pulse Policy is a highly rated software that provides organizations with endpoint visibility into the business’s operations. PCS software allows you to do so both remotely and on-site.

Access control methods include biometric measures, such as fingerprinting through DHCP fingerprinting, SNMP/ SNMP Traps, HTTP User-Agent, MAC OUI, WMI, MDM, CDP/LLDP, and Nmap.

7. NetMotion Mobility

NetMotion operates as an integrated security platform centered around providing businesses with high connectivity, security, and a good user experience.

If your team is operating as a mobile workforce, this is the solution for your access control software needs. It ensures the team connections can remain stable and consistent. Even when everyone is far apart.

8. Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS)

Auconet BICS controls multiple networks in a way that is not overly difficult to understand and allows for integrations to become more seamless. It is software that is always available.

Although the initial costs may be high, overall, businesses that choose Auconet reap the benefits of the total cost of ownership.

9. Cisco ISE

Cisco ISE is next on the list of best access control software 2021 and operates as software focused on intent-based networking through WAN, the branch, and the cloud. It allows management to gain awareness of everything that causes hits to your network. You can then respond accordingly to access requests or threats.

All complexities regarding access control are removed from this software. It is very easy and simple to manage. Some of the services offered by Cisco ISE include end-to-end security, automation, and analytics.

10. Reblaze

The last best access control software 2021 in our guide is Reblaze, a virtual cloud-based (VPC) security option for facilities. This software solution includes next-gen WAF, API security, CDN, DoS/ DDoS protection, traffic analysis in real-time, and more.

Reblaze’s interface is a cloud-based website that is entirely managed and provides security benefits from Machine Learning.

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