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Company Overview

Isonas is a popular brand known for simple and easy access control such as standalone PIN pads. The company was founded in 1999 and focuses specifically on streamlined access control systems that connect access control hardware directly to doors. In essence, this means that instead of using control panels, separate power supply, and dedicated wiring, administrators can simply attach a reader and lock to any access point that needs to be protected.

Although known for its simplicity and ability to set up decentrally installed readers and locks without the need to run every cable back to a central location, Isonas recently introduced new powerful tools like the Access Control Manager Dashboard, which controls a system from a command station. Their readers can also be configured to allow mobile access. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado and privately held.

Isonas Hardware

Isonas access control solutions include the following pieces of technology:

  • Reader-controllers
  • Reader-keypads
  • Wiegand readers
  • IP bridges
  • Advanced security modules
  • Weatherproofing kits
  • Access control software suites
  • Proximity badge cards and fobs
  • Mobile credentials

Major Features

Generally, Isonas is a pure IP Access Control system for businesses and organizations worldwide. Minimal hardware is required to setup the system. Door readers connect to the Internet and are powered over an ethernet cable (PoE). Isonas can retrofit old panel-based systems into an IP system that works with their branded Pure IP management software. Isonas’ system is lightweight, with all credentials stored on-site within the readers, making offline access a possibility.

It offers two readers that include a proximity card-only version and a different version that's a proximity card plus a pin pad. Readers are compatible with Isonas' proprietary cards and key fobs as well as third-party credentials. As for integrations, Isonas does not have the capability to connect to fire and alarm systems, but can connect to third-party video management systems. Hardware, accessories, credentials, and software can be purchased by contacting the team directly. Warranties are available on all hardware and services. Online training and support for partners and customers is available. If you'd like more information you can read this review by RG&A.

A reader-controller is a standalone reader that is both a reader and a controller in one. The issue with reader-controllers is that the door control wire goes outside of the wall into the reader, so if someone were to take off the reader, they could short the wire to get in, unless an anti-tamper solution had been installed.

Advantages of Isonas

  • Easy setup: For users that only need to protect one or two access points, Isonas is a great way to accomplish that goal without breaking the bank, especially compared to more dedicated competitors.
  • Mobile access: Instead of using physical keys or badges, cardholders can use their phones to grant access with the proper setup. This is perfect for modern offices and facilities that prioritize ease of access.
  • Lightweight system: While this could be a drawback, facilities that need little coverage or desire a simple system could find their perfect match in Isonas technology.

Disadvantages of Isonas

  • Bypassable reader-controllers: If someone wants to break into a facility that has reader-controllers, they can simply short the wire to gain entry, which makes these areas much less secure.
  • Limited integrations: Isonas cannot connect to fire and other alarm systems, meaning that emergencies might not be reported when they happen. This can endanger areas that need a high degree of protection.
  • Simple functionality: Advanced door control features are not included in Isonas systems, which means that facilities that need more security should probably consider a different company.


Isonas is a great entry-level access control system if you need something installed fast and without a lot of features. It is a system of give and take; facilities that need any kind of advanced protection should probably find another provider, but anyone that needs a quick, easy security solution will probably find Isonas fit for installation.

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