Mobile App Unlock

Unlock any nearby door with the Kisi App

Mobile App Unlock

Easily unlock doors from your smartphone

All Kisi devices support the Kisi app. The Kisi app lets end-users quickly and easily monitor their credentials and unlock any door they have access to. No fumbling through pockets for a fob or forgetting a keycard in the car. Just pop open the Kisi app, find your door, and tap the unlock icon.

Frictionless access, top-tier security

Kisi's App Unlock lets users access your spaces in the easiest way possible, without sacrificing security. All permissions are managed through the Kisi dashboard, and you can instantly change or revoke access on a user, door, or group-wide basis.

Admins can also unlock doors remotely from anywhere using the Kisi app. And adding users or changing permissions can easily be done on the fly, making management a breeze.

Kisi Mobile App Unlock (iOS and Android)

Use case: Becoming a modern office

Every office has its hardware refresh cycle, and this time why shouldn't access control be updated?

More and more offices are adopting a "Come when you want" mentality, and with that comes more unpredictable visitors. Kisi brings an access control solution that lets you easily manage every door and user in your environment while providing an easy and intuitive end-user experience that leverages the one thing everybody has: a smartphone.

Benefits of Mobile App Unlock

  • Seamless end-user experience
  • Top-rated access control app
  • Easily manage Kisi products and users in one place
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Works on Apple WatchOS

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