Unlock doors with phone for a seamless workplace experience

Streamline operations by enabling users to unlock doors with phone. Use the Kisi mobile app, tap the phone, or wave in front of the reader to unlock.

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Mobile credentials for access control

Tap to unlock

Prevent frustrated users from fumbling through pockets for a fob or forgetting a keycard at home. Enhance security by enabling them to easily unlock doors by simply holding their phone to the Kisi reader.

Touchless access

Enable a hygienic, touch-free access experience with Kisi’s MotionSense technology, allowing users to unlock doors by simply moving their hand in front of the Kisi reader. Improve the experience of users with no phone on hand.

Unlock doors with wearables

Embrace convenience by allowing people to access their spaces with their wearables, no phone required. Allow people to unlock doors with a single tap on the top-rated Kisi app or by holding their smartwatch to the reader.


0.3 sec

Reader unlock speed

Streamline operations and enable swift people flow using mobile credentials with the fastest cloud reader on the market.



Unlock doors with phone

When comparing phone unlocks to card unlocks, the majority of Kisi users prefer the mobile experience.



Kisi mobile app rating

Mobile credentials for access control never looked better. Unlock doors with the top-rated mobile app on both iOS and Android.

Introducing Kisi x Apple

Enable seamless mobile access with Apple Wallet

As a certified Apple partner, Kisi combines the ease-of-use and security of Apple Wallet with Kisi’s enhanced access control.

Enable seamless mobile access

Simplify operations and ensure scalability with our mobile access solution. Contact our security experts and manage all your spaces on the fly in a matter of days.

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