Unlock any Door With Your Smartphone

Discover what makes Kisi the highest rated access control app on the market.

Mobile App Unlock

Unlock any Door With Your Smartphone

Use the Kisi App to unlock any door while you are in front of it by simply clicking the corresponding lock icon in the App. The app also supports elevator floor requests for companies that use the Kisi elevator access feature. To make the mobile experience even smoother in large spaces, users can select commonly used doors to appear at the top, having easier access to those entry points. These are some of the reasons why Kisi is the highest rated mobile access control app on both the App Store and Google Play.

What Hardware is Required to Enable In-App Unlocks?

Kisi’s system is cloud-based, which means that the app communicates over a secure network with the Kisi Controller, which then sends the signal to your door lock. For in-app unlocks there is no need to install a reader at each door, so aside from the cables, the only hardware required is the Kisi Controller. The Controller is usually placed within the IT or communication’s room. For more information about readerless setup take a look here.

Kisi Mobile App Unlock (iOS and Android)

Which Restrictions Apply to In-App Unlocks?

For security reasons, admins can apply geofence restrictions to ensure that only users standing in front of the door can unlock it, but allowing specific users, for instance office managers, to unlock the door remotely from anywhere in the world. Just like other access methods, additional restrictions apply, including time-based and self-expiring access.

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