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  • Before Kisi

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting manufacturer and building software developer.

  • An innovative smart building vision.

  • A new office space ripe for opportunities.

  • After

  • Smart building lighting system that adds personality and increases sustainability.

  • Secure front door that fits individual needs and lighting preferences.

  • Conference room that wows potential and current customers.

Inspextor is a game-changing software developed by MHT Technologies – a PoE lighting and smart building software developer and lighting fixture manufacturer. Their Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) smart building automation software creates flexible, future-ready, and human-centric commercial office spaces.

MHT’s mission is to create better outcomes for building owners and occupants. They leverage technology to gather insightful building information and use that data to create more productive, sustainable, and safer environments.

Kisi is the final security piece that empowers the Inspextor’s hardware to power, manage, and integrate systems such as lighting, shades, and sensors with access control security devices. By connecting all these hardware and software pieces, the Inspextor and Kisi integration paves the way for adaptable, customizable spaces promoting maximum sustainability.

Innovation at the forefront

As one of the first PoE lighting fixture manufacturers, MHT Technologies supplies native PoE fixtures to various clients throughout North and Central America, and Europe. Inspired by the PoE technology, MHT created Inspextor – an end-to-end PoE technology solution for smart buildings. This software brings all connected devices together into one easy-to-use platform that delivers actionable insights to its users.

Kisi uses technology to connect people and spaces. The Kisi and MHT integration is an excellent example of how software can take connected devices that elevate spaces, like lights and shades, and connect to third-party applications to secure those spaces.

This integration is a central place where people can manage their preferences as they enter the door. The MHT Technologies and Kisi software bring hardware devices together to create the ultimate innovation adding more value to the workspace.

It all starts the moment you enter a building

Creating and customizing experiences starts the moment you enter a building. And the first step is access control.

Realizing that access control is the starting point, MHT’s visionary CTO - Akram Khalis (AK) relied on Kisi’s access control input to create a custom, comfortable environment for users as they enter the door. By getting information at the access point with Kisi and loading it into the BMS, Inspextor creates the perfect environment ready for the user. Before they reach their desk, all their lighting preferences are set.

For instance, when a specific MHT employee that prefers to work in a lighter environment taps their mobile at the entry door Kisi reader, the entry door unlocks, and the foyer light turns on. While in their respective office, the lights turn on, and the shades go up. To see how everything works take a look at the video below.

Smart buildings adapt to your needs

Everyone at MHT loves the Kisi integration. Humans by nature, take the easiest route. We innovate to save energy, so doing less and getting more is in our DNA.

Kisi is the starting point in creating the ultimate MHT office experience. The MHT team uses Kisi to unlock the entry door. They set their environment preferences in the app, so no extra steps are needed.

Everyone in MHT is pretty excited about the whole endeavor. Who wouldn’t want their office to adapt to them? It’s so nice and comfortable that people quickly get used to it.

“I wish our home environments could operate as smoothly,” says MHT’s CMO, Kim Johnson. The sense of security, innovation, and technology the Kisi and Inspextor installation delivers is a pretty exciting thing to adopt.

Kisi’s extensive API documentation makes for easy, seamless integration

Integrating Kisi and Inspextor was a breeze for MHT’s CTO. He used webhooks directly from the Kisi platform. Testing the Sandbox webhook, he realized what the API payload looks like.

Powered by the MHT platform, Inspextor, the user can create their preferences on how they want to set up their space. And it works seamlessly from there.

“There weren’t any implementation challenges. This was the ‘aha’ moment - the documentation was there. We didn’t have to reach out to someone to understand what it was,” says AK about his initial Kisi integration experience. By utilizing the personal Sandbox, they can see data consistency and reliability first-hand.

The power of PoE

The MHT office is newly built, giving staff a plethora of access control options to choose from. Two main factors contributed to choosing Kisi.

The first driver is the fact that it’s a PoE solution like MHT, operating on the same platform and encouraging the same infrastructure. The staff at MHT are passionate about PoE, so anything related is at their core. Their PoE history speaks volumes.

Starting with lighting, they drove light fixtures over power. As the power over cable was increasing, people could drive more IoT devices, so it all fits together – light, shades, doors, the whole picture. And the second thing that caught AK’s eye is the extensive API documentation Kisi brings to the table which assures an easy, seamless integration.

Kisi access control MHT lighting integration

The Kisi x MHT Technologies setup - Going beyond access control

The whole personalized access experience is made possible with only two Kisi readers. One at the entrance and one at the conference room.

The conference room reader’s primary purpose is designed to create the environment people want. Whether it’s a presentation mode where the front lights are dimmed, or a more collaborative environment, where the lights are a bit higher and the shades are up.

People can have different preference profiles on both Kisi readers which allows them to set their preferences for their workspace, then use the conference room reader for a different set of conference room lighting needs.

All of this is part of the MHT onboarding experience. From day one, MHT team members can unlock doors and enjoy environment preferences with a simple tap on the Kisi mobile app. MHT’s software is running in the background, easy to access for a deeper dive into the amazing tech.

Maximizing sustainability

The MHT software has the potential to do much more than set environment preferences. Data-driven solutions like Kisi integrate with the Inspextor platform, to connect all the dots and boost sustainability.

From this integration we can utilize corporate AI to help reduce energy bills. For instance, if a room is rarely used, The AI can highlight this as an opportunity to reduce the room’s lighting or repurpose it to something that will gain wider use.

Kisi and MHT Technologies - a system that simply works

We know that something is working perfectly when we don’t notice it. The access privileges and environment preferences are set up from day one. Simply tap the Kisi app to gain access, and workspaces swiftly modify to your needs. No need to carry around a separate ID card or a badge.

Enhance your access system with Kisi

Seamless access experience, improved security, and endless integration opportunities are a few clicks away.

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