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Century 21

Century 21

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Century 21
  • Before Kisi

  • Difficult to grant access to non-agency members

  • Annoying to copy 25+ keys or fobs each week

  • Difficult to scale to more offices

  • After

  • Easy to onboard and grant access to vendors

  • Mobile app allows real-time log for IT

  • Admins can grant access to any office remotely

We spoke to Trevor Jones, IT manager and system administrator, about how he manages Century 21’s day-to-day operations with Kisi. Century 21 was looking for a way to manage the real estate enterprise’s 11 locations. The nature of the industry caters to guest realtors, brokers, lawyers, mortgage agents, and vendors to access the offices on both a short and long-term basis—all of these moving parts can make real estate security difficult to scale.

What does Kisi help you with most?

Some agents had physical keys to locations and others had fobs. In a regular week, I was copying 25+ keys and fobs. It’s really annoying for me to manage, so when I was looking to change our offices, to be more modern, I liked that Kisi has an app and how simple it is to use.

I spoke to many IT managers, including some who were already using Kisi. The closest use-case I saw was a big developer in commercial real estate in California. I experimented with Kisi at our smaller offices, it’s currently set up on four doors. In total there will be 12 doors.

Google Directory and Kisi

Our office uses Google’s suite of tools, so I only needed to sync Kisi with his Google Directory to onboard my employees. Our agents now have access 24/7, if they need it, and the reader restricts them from opening the door if they’re more than 3 feet away from the door. It’s pretty quick and easy to set up—it took about an hour to get everybody in there.

I can give certain vendors access, whenever they need it, and restrict the access of other vendors based on the projects they’re working on—all from my mobile phone. The title company was blown away by what this does. There are not too many real estate agents who don’t have their phone on them— they love it.

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With Kisi, Century 21 can effortlessly scale and grant access across multiple brokerage offices.

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