Easy mobile or card access to your office

Kisi allows you to use flexible, yet secure, credentials from mobile phone access, on iOS or Android, Kisi Passes, Kisi Tags, or your own existing cards or links. The credential follows your use-case.

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Kisi Credentials

Access made easy—in so many ways.

Some people like to use their phone for everything, others don't. Others would like a temporary link to not have to pick up a card. Depending on use-case and preference, Kisi gives you flexible yet secure options to access your facility.

  • iPhone (BLE) and Android (NFC).
  • Kisi Passes, fobs or your own branded card.
  • Use existing NFC cards or the Kisi tag to enable your building cards.
Tap to unlock

Unlocking the door with your phone

Pull up the app and press a button, or tap your phone like a card against a Kisi Pro Reader so you don't have to open the phone.

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Use Kisi's Tap to Unlock® Technology

Hold your phone to the reader, just like a keycard, and unlock the door. Using Bluetooth on iPhone and NFC on Android, Kisi's technology continues to evolve and is rated best-in-class on both platforms.
Kisi TAp To Unlock

Use Kisi's 128bit AES encrypted Passes or Tags

Kisi provides state-of-the-art NFC-based encrypted passes or tags that users can use for any Kisi location where they're authorized. Kisi also offers customized cards—minimum orders are 200 units with a 6 week turnaround.

If you have cards— why get rid of them?

Some landlords provide you with cards that you have to use for your building—and you don't want to carry two cards.
That's why we can enable your card with a Kisi Tag to work with the Kisi Pro Reader so you have a seamless, yet secure, transition.
Kisi Card
Using Kisi
  • Send links for event access
  • Schedule doors to unlock during regular hours
  • Schedule automated sendout of keys via directory
  • Users can log out of their phone remotely for security
  • Restrict phone use to only 1 phone per user to monitor device status
  • Admins can remotely unlock to give access

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Download the Product Overview

In-depth overview of Kisi's hardware, architecture and use-cases. A starter guide to Kisi's system to understand its value in a quick PDF.

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