Redefining touchless access

Future-proof credentials for a secure and frictionless workplace.

kisi reader Kisi App Unlock

Flexible access methods

With Kisi every user can have mobile and/or card access. That means you can configure Kisi as modern or traditional as your use-case requires - or let your users choose.

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Touchless mobile access

Our low-touch and zero-touch technologies give users an access experience they love while simplifying processes for admins.

Kisi tap to unlock method
Tap Phone


Tap your smartphone against the Kisi reader for an ultra fast, AI-powered unlock.

Kisi App unlock
Tap Phone

Kisi App unlock

Unlock the door or elevator from within the app, available for Apple Watch, iOS and Android devices.

Traditional credentials the Kisi way

No matter which credential type you choose, each is bound to a single user on Kisi’s cloud system. Choose what’s best for your business and enjoy higher security and streamlined processes.

Access cards
Tap Phone

Access cards

128bit AES encrypted MifareDesfire NFC cards in the form of a regular key card. Also available in white or with your custom design.

Other formats

custom card

Custom card

Brand your card with corporate design

white card

White card

Blank card to allow printing of profiles on it

public transport card

Public transport card

Bring your own NFC card to use with Kisi

Enhancing Credentials
Tap Phone

Enhancing credentials

Adapt to your users by giving them different types of credentials.

public transport card Kisi Logo

Kisi stickers

Enables your building card for encrypted Kisi access.

public transport card

Use Web Links

Web link

Allow access by clicking a link included in an email.

public transport card face recognition


Combine Kisi with external face recognition tablets (requires additional third-party hardware).

Lock icon

Advanced unlock options for admins

Apart from user credentials, admins have a variety of more options to unlock the door.

Dashboard unlock

Remotely manage locks from your dashboard.

Scheduled unlocks


Unlocks via API / Webhooks

Kisi’s visitor features

Seamlessly manage temporary access.

Hourly access

Share a web link for access during a limited time window. Users will gain access without installing the Kisi app.

Scheduled visitor

Create an access setting with a start and end date and let users unlock doors with their phone.

Kisi’s visitor integrations

Implement full visitor management processes.

Intercom & doorbell

Get doorbell notifications to your phone and give access from your Kisi mobile app.

Visitor tablet integration

Connect Kisi to a visitor tablet solution like Envoy for compliant visitor management processes.


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