Kisi Controller Pro

The brain of the Kisi access control system

Controller Pro Series

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    Connects 4 doors to the cloud

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    Enables Kisi management

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    Connection via Internet

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    All Kisi Controller Pro features, plus:

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    Wiegand reader support up to 4 doors

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    Can forward unlock requests to existing system

Make access control a part of your space

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    Real time analytics

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    Remote access management

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    Custom alerts

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    Remote unlocks

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    Space usage insights

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    Multi-site management

The Kisi Controller Pro powers all kinds of spaces, from multi-location enterprises to private gyms.

Combining remote access management with who is on-site and space utilization real-time insights, the Controller Pro transforms your space into a commodity.

The Controller Pro can overlay your existing access control solution, enabling you to manage access from Kisi's cloud dashboard.

Unlock Kisi management

The Kisi Controller and its cloud infrastructure empower you to operate your spaces remotely. Whether you’re managing one door or hundreds, the Controller Pro lets you do everything you need to from a single pane of glass.

  • Spaces

    kisi controller

    Manage all of your spaces, doors, and schedules from a single pane of glass. You can even change granular things like what relay your controller connects to.

  • Events

    service personel screen

    Access events are automatically recorded and logged by Kisi, facilitating easy compliance auditing.

  • Groups

    user permission group

    Easily organize users in groups, customizing access based on membership or department.

  • Power

    Each Controller has built-in power outputs for additional components like electric strike locks. Controller-based power can be combined with an external power supply.

  • Connectivity

    Works with WiFi and/or Ethernet with automatic failover.

  • Door trigger

    Each base Controller Pro model can support up to 4 doors with standard wired electric locks.

  • Door open/close

    Connect exit buttons and motion sensors to easily track when your doors are opened and closed.

controller front illustration controller side illustration

Product specifications

Controller Pro

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Dimensions and housing


12" (30.48 cm)


9" (22.86 cm)


3" (7.62 cm)


Screw-in wall





Power and connectivity

Power consumption

24V DC (included)

Wet relays

Wet (max 0.25A x 24V or 0.5A x 12V per relay)


Wired (CAT6) and/or WiFi



4 dry or wet door relays

Request to exit (Rex)

4 request to exit inputs

Contact sensors

4 door contact sensor inputs


Wired (ethernet) and/or wireless

Safety features

Overvoltage and short circuit-proof to prevent safety hazards. It detects and cuts short circuits on locking hardware. Will not break if overvoltage power supply is used for input.

Switching your access control to Kisi is simple

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