Kisi Controller Pro

A powerful controller to rule over your access control system.

Kisi Controller
Kisi Controller

Give your doors the power

Kisi Door Controller Pro is a smart and robust door access controller.

Whether it’s doors, elevators, gates, or turnstiles, you can connect any existing electronic entry points and enable cloud-based access control. Kisi Controller Pro works with an unlimited amount of doors across your facilities.

Remote management simplified

  • Doors

    Manage doors and their schedules (including lockdowns) for all your facilities remotely.

  • Events

    Monitor real-time access events wherever you are, with a live feed and system health status notifications delivered to your mobile.

  • Users

    Manage access rights from anywhere, including adding and removing users or admins, assigning credentials and setting access levels.

Kisi app

Keep tabs on your door

The Kisi Controller Pro is designed to be flexible and have multiple data in/outputs:

Kisi Controller Connection
  • Power — Built-in power outputs to supply power to electric strikes or combine with external power supply.

  • Connectivity — Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet and automatic failover.

  • Door trigger — Connect standard wired electronic locks to the door trigger relay.

  • Door open/close — Connect exit buttons or motion sensors to track when the door opens or closes.

  • Fire safety — Compatible with typical Fire Access Control Panels (FACP).

Kisi Controller Pro specifications

Dimensions and Housing

Height: 12 in / 30.48 cm

Width: 9 in / 22.86 cm

Depth: 3 in / 7.62 cm

Mounting: Screw-in wall

Color: White

Material: ABS

Power and Connectivity


Safety features

shape Kisi Controller

Experience the future of access control