Controller Pro Series

The brains of the Kisi access control system

Controller Pro Series

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    Each controller connects up to 4 doors

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    Connect all locations to one online dashboard

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    First cloud system that works fully offline

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    Syncs with any directory

All Kisi Controller Pro 2 features +

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    Compatible with Wiegand board

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    Compatible with your existing Wiegand readers

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    Additional inputs and outputs

Curious about the ROI?

Download our ROI document to see the difference between standard and Controller Pro 2 cloud access control migration.

Elevate your access control system to the cloud

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    Real time analytics

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    Remote access management

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    Custom alerts

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    Remote unlocks

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    Space usage insights

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    Multi-site management

The Kisi Controller Pro Series powers all kinds of spaces, from multi-location enterprises to private gyms.

Transform your space into a commodity by pairing Kisi’s remote management with real-time occupancy insights.

Increased security with less work. Kisi monitors your facility for you, sending you alerts and keeping logs of all events. Grant or remove access anytime, anywhere with the Kisi dashboard.

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    Connect people and spaces

Greet flexibility and comfortability at the door. The Controller Pro secures your spaces, ensuring seamless Kisi hardware and software sync.

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    Enhanced control and security

Modernize and scale your outdated legacy access control system while keeping your existing Wiegand readers and credentials with the Controller Pro 2. Kisi assures your legacy system meets compliance requirements.

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    Backward compatibility

Lift your on-premise access control to the cloud. Manage access remotely and benefit from automated workflows. Save time and scale across your organization.

Easily bring your existing access control to the cloud

controller pro 2 + wiegand board

Zero downtime during migration

Kisi’s Wiegand solution allows you to layer a more modern approach to facility management on top of your existing legacy system. No wiring replacements or need for expensive contractors – reuse your existing readers.

controller pro 2 + wiegand board

Enhance your old systems

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    Wiegand board for affordable migration

  • The Kisi Controller Pro 2 enhances your existing access control setup. Replace your existing controller and keep your readers.

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    Existing card reader compatibility

  • Move your access control system to the cloud without investing in all new hardware, wiring, or contractors. You get to keep your standard Wiegand card readers while enjoying Kisi’s intuitive dashboard.

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    No need to reissue credentials

  • Your people can stick to their preferred way of entering the office. You also take the load off your IT team and empower administrators to manage door entry at all your global facilities remotely.

Unlock Kisi management

The Kisi Controller Series and its cloud infrastructure empower you to operate your spaces remotely. Whether you’re managing one door or hundreds, the Controller Pro lets you do everything you need to from a single pane of glass.

  • Automation

    kisi notifications

    Manage all your spaces, doors, and schedules from a single pane of glass. Automate workflows and get alerts – like when a door is kept open. Integrate with your cameras and CRM, utilize camera AI and log files.

  • Compliance

    kisi event log

    Access events are automatically recorded and logged by Kisi, facilitating easy compliance auditing. Download the events in a CSV file and sync directories.

  • Access rights

    kisi access group

    Easily manage users from a single dashboard, regardless of the number of company locations. Create customized groups and share the appropriate access and admin rights to specific groups.

The brains of the Kisi system

Controller Pro 2

  • Keep your Wiegand readers

    Migrating your access control system to the cloud with zero downtime and risk is powered by the Wiegand board.

  • Greater door control

    Enhance your security with extra features, like intrusion detection or motion sensor, using the 12 generic inputs on the Kisi Controller Pro 2.

  • Detect tampering

    The Tamper input detects if the controller's enclosure has been opened.

  • Extra security

    The RS-485 interface input allows you to connect cameras or wireless contact sensors to your controller.

Open your door to seamless access control

Deploy the complete Kisi system or upgrade your existing one

Controller Pro 2

Wiegand support

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Adaptor connection

4x6 Wiegand in/output (12 volts direct current, GND, D0, D1, LED1, LED2, BZR)

*requires Wiegand board


12 generic inputs

Configurable as a contact sensor, request to exit, or temper detection

1 RS-485 interface input

To support third-party devices, e.g., wireless locks or cameras


Four dry or wet relays

Wiring to door security hardware: dry, 12/24 volts direct current; wet: max 0.25 ampere x 24 volts or 0.5 ampere x 12 volts per relay

One dry or wet relay

Wiring to intrusion detection hardware (siren/third party alarm systems): dry, 12/24 volts direct current; wet, max 0.25 ampere x 24 volts or 0.5 ampere x 12 volts per relay


All Kisi Controller Pro features +

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    Compatible with your existing Wiegand readers

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    Additional inputs and outputs

Power consumption


24 volts direct current

Communication and connectivity





12" (30.48 cm)


9" (22.86 cm)


3" (7.62 cm)

Switching your access control to Kisi is simple

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