The Premier IP Access Controller for Doors

The Kisi Controller connects up to four doors, elevators or turnstiles to the Kisi cloud. Review real-time access logs to stay on top of what’s happening at your spaces.

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The future is at your doorstep.


  • Powers Four Doors
  • Four Contact Sensor Inputs
  • Four Request to Exit Ports


  • Power Outputs for Electric Locks
  • TLS and PKI
  • IP 67 Enclosure With Tamper Protection


  • Cloud-Configurable Access Schedules
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • Wi-Fi (2G+5G) Ethernet

Made in the USA

All equipment is encrypted in Kisi’s security lab. No third-party SDK’s are used for credentials or readers. We guarantee end-to-end encryption and are proud to support American-made products.

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Controller Hardware
kisi controller

Stays alert, so you don’t have to.

Connect up to four doors or windows to the contact sensors on your Kisi controller and let Kisi warn you when doors or windows are opened by unwanted visitors.

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Kisi Controller Specifications

  • Housing

  • Dimensions

  • Wiring & Power Configuration

  • Features

  • Color:
    Kisi Controller
  • Height:
    Kisi Controller Dimensions
  • Connectivity:
    Wired (CAT6) and/or WiFi
    • 16V DC (included)
    • 12V DC external power supply when used with dry contacts
      - 24V DC external power supply when used with wet contacts
    • 24V DC external power supply when used with wet contacts
    Wet Relays:
    Supply low voltage power for electric strike. Total amount pulled from relays not to exceed 2A
    Kisi Controler Inside
  • Door Relays:
    4 dry or wet door relays
    Door Contact Sensors:
    4 door contact sensor inputs
    Request to Exit:
    4 request to exit inputs
    Wired (ethernet) and/or wireless
    Kisi Controller Hardware

Connecting doors has never been easier.

Connect up to four exit buttons, or proximity sensors, to track when visitors leave your spaces. The controller can also be configured to unlock doors, when triggered, for convenience.

Kisi Setup
  • From Wi-Fi to ethernet and vice versa.

  • Install once and do the complex wiring in the cloud, instead.

  • Built-in power outputs to supply power to electric strikes.

  • Cloud-configurable access schedules to keep your doors open.

  • Tamper protection to ensure physical integrity of the system.

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In-depth overview of Kisi's hardware, architecture and use-cases. A starter guide to Kisi's system to understand its value in a quick PDF.

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