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Everything you'll need to know about Single Door Access Control System Kit

Single Door Access Control System Kit

The combination of single door access control system kit is very suitable for a single room, shop, condominium, apartments, warehouse, garages or other such installations. A one-door access control system can be used both as a standalone system and as an integrated with the access control system through different communication interfaces like TCP/IP, RS232 or other wireless technologies.  

access control system kit
How an access control system kit will look like

There are different types of single access control systems commonly used in the industry; keypad based, card reader enabled, and biometric based systems are a few to name. Traditionally, they are used in standalone applications, but nowadays, people are using them in connection with the remote accessibility features through the internet or other technologies.

Typical Features of Single Door System

In a good and reliable 1 door access control system should include the following salient features and capabilities:

  • Very commonly used for single room or single unit places like garages, shops, condos, apartments, warehouses, vaults, chambers and others
  • Can be used as a standalone as well as an integrated access control application
  • Single door access control kit includes one lock, one controller, two readers (entry & Exit) and one switch
  • Powerful battery backup
  • Robust design with physical security cases
  • Options for integration with centralized access control system through RS232, RS485, US port and other interfaces
  • Supports biometric, HID, keypad and other access modes
  • Mini speaker and alarm buzzer functions  
  • Easy to install and operate

When to Use 1 Door Access Control System?

The single door access control system kit is commonly used for the following conditions:

  • A 1 door access control system is very useful and cost effective for the spaces where one door lock and two access readers are sufficient.
  • It is commonly used to restrict unauthorized public entry into some restricted areas or places that are not integrated with the centralized security control systems.
  • The security zoning of special assets also is one of the areas where single door access control kit is extensively used
  • It is typically suitable for small and cottage industries operating from the single unit locations

Differences of 1 Door, 2 Door & 8 Door Systems

The basic difference between 1 door, 2 door and 8 door systems relate to the capacity, functions and capabilities of the door access control kits. The main factors that may differ in terms of their system capacity and features include:

  • Number of door locks, card readers and switches
  • Number of users handled by those systems
  • Number of events or transactions recorded in the system
  • Support for access control technologies may differ
  • The cost of these systems is different
  • Complexity of operations
  • Types of application and mode of authentication
  • Types of configurations like standalone, master-salve and networked
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