Access control is so much more than just getting in and out of doors. You would also want your access control system to suit your security needs -- level of security needed, customisation of access rights, and more. More than that, though, access control is the first line of branding that your company can have. At Kisi we like to say that a great office starts at the door, and the first impression visitors and outsiders get of your office is what they see at the door. A good access control system can not only secure your space, but picking the right type of access control can show visitors that you’re a modern company with the right attitude.

Read on to find out more about each type of access control to see which are best for your day-to-day operations.

These are the main types of physical access control:

  • Standalone access control. This is, as the name suggests, a standalone unit at your door.
  • PSaaS. This acronym means Physical Security as a Service, and refers to those providers who have commodified physical security and its associated trappings
  • ACaaS. As in the previous case, this is Access Control as a Service. ACaaS providers understand that access control is the cornerstone of physical security, and pick the best type of access control and optimize it for you
  • Keyless access control. Keys are truly a thing of the past. Keyless access control systems rely on more modern electronic systems and can boost your security to the next level
  • Electronic access control. A similar type of access control to keyless, these systems function with electronic locks
  • Cloud-based access control. With all modern applications moving to the cloud, access control is following suit. Cloud-based access control allows you to not worry about data storage, and gives you access to all sorts of centralized analytics
  • Web-based access control. Another type of access control suited to the modern user. You can control everything from a web interface, and monitor the status of your doors from there
  • Multi-door access. As the name suggests, these types of access control systems are optimized for systems with a large number of doors
  • Mobile access. With keys fading out, there’s no reason that key cards shouldn’t follow suit. The most modern types of access control systems use smartphones themselves as keycards for access granting

No time to go through each category? You can read our access control overview guide.



Multi Door

In this article, we will be breaking down two main components of multi-door access control system, providing various prices of such systems in the market, and shed some light as to whether you should start with a multi-door system, or buy a single-door system and then upgrade to a multi-door one.

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Web-based Access Control

Web-based access control system is basically an application that runs in your browser and connects to an organization’s internal network to perform various security checks and grant access to locks, windows, and other equipment. Read on to find out more!

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Cloud technologies gain a strong reputation in the area of security, and access control is not an exception. Every year more and more companies choose to outsource their security systems to a third party that implements a cloud-based technology. That's not surprising because a cloud-based access control system takes your security to a new level.

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Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control is a means of providing restricted access to a place or an area by authorization given through an electronic system, consisting of a processor, a door lock and a reader of credentials.

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Technology is advancing and now keyless systems provide equal or better security compared to their traditional counterparts. Having a physical lock on your door does no longer guarantee your security while modern-day access control systems are able to alert you remotely when a door or window in your property is open.

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Access Control System has long been a cornerstone of any organization’s physical security. With such importance placed on access control, we are now seeing providers doing 'Access Control as a Service' or ACaaS.

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Cloud computing has enabled physical security to be managed via external providers, leaving more time for your employees to engage with important tasks that provide better value for the business. Off-site physical security is about feeling secure without being overburdened by the need for constant monitoring on your side.

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Standalone access control systems consist of a singular security unit. Read on to find out more!

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