Here are the Best Security Camera Systems for Businesses of Any Size

An overview of the top brands in the industry.
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Ubiquiti Security Camera System
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The Best Camera Security Systems

Are you looking to install a new video security system or upgrade your current one? Here you will find a comparison of the most popular security camera systems for businesses, including:

  • Verkada
  • Meraki
  • Avigilon
  • Hikvision
  • OpenEye
  • D-Link

Security cameras are one some of the easiest and most effective tools to keep businesses and homes safe from intruders and other threats. But choosing between the seemingly countless number of brands can feel like a nearly impossible task for anyone, especially people who are investing in a surveillance system for the first time. To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled descriptions and reviews for some of the industry’s leading security camera providers, including big names like Panasonic and newcomers like Verkada, for facilities of any size. Read on to find the perfect cameras for your space.

Four criteria for ranking video surveillance systems:

  • Hardware (Video Resolution, Frame Rate)
  • Software (Analytics, Reporting Features, Cloud Storage Capacity)
  • Installation Requirements & Maintenance
  • Customer Support, Training Availability & Documentation

Ring Security Cameras: Overview

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Nest Security Cameras

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DoorBird Security Camera System Overview

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Dahua Security Camera System Overview

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Ubiquiti Security Camera System: An Overview

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Rhombus Security Cameras: An Overview

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Honeywell Security Cameras: Overview

The Honeywell portfolio is full of interesting solutions for every price range. The brand offers reliability and a good price/quality ratio. Let's break down the best models and the price list.


D-Link’s different models of camera represent a wide array of needs and work in plenty of environments, including bullets and domes that work both indoors and outside.


Founded in 2015, Verkada is already winning fans around the world, and it’s already been featured in Fast Company, where it was hailed as a company that’s disrupting the security camera industry.


Meraki’s selection is pared down to allow an easier decision for companies that decide to integrate their products into their security system.


Owned by Motorola, the company brings a huge amount of technical expertise to the table, which makes achieving total security much easier.


Founded in 2001, Hikvision is one of the largest players in the security camera space. They offer dozens upon dozens of options, making the process of choosing a surveillance system more inclusive.


With 19 different types of cameras available, OpenEye is one of the most customizable and accessible brands on this list. OpenEye cameras range in resolution from 2MP to 12MP.

Other Security Camera Brands

Best Products for Small Businesses and Homes
If your space is on the smaller side, or even if you’re just looking to install a security system in your home, the following security camera providers are right for you. These businesses make smaller cameras with a more limited range of capabilities, which often end up being better for spaces that need low coverage without many bells and whistles. Most of the cameras below can be used either inside or outside. Each brand is slightly different, so make sure you carefully consider what is best for your wants and needs.

Swann Bullet Camera
1080p resolution
Triggered by heat and motion
Indoor or outdoor use

Lorex Bullet Camera
4K resolution
Color night vision
Indoor or outdoor use

Nest Cam Outdoor
1080p resolution
Two-way audio
Continuous recording and storage up to 30 days

Ring Spotlight Camera
1080p resolution
Custom motion detection settings
Built-in siren and lights to deter theft

Night Owl Security System
$379.99 for four cameras and a DVR
1080p resolution
Built-in 1TB hard drive
Infrared and motion detection

ADT Outdoor Security Camera
Priced with ADT security package
720p resolution
Pairs with Amazon Alexa
Controlled with smartphone app

Blink XT2
Pairs with Amazon Alexa
Infrared and motion detection
Two-way audio

Foscam FI9900P
1080p resolution
Night vision
Two-way audio

Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Camera
$119 for four cameras
720p resolution
Customizable motion detection zones
Pairs with Amazon Alexa

Amcrest IPM-723B
1080p resolution
Pairs with Amazon Alexa
Certified weatherproof

Best Systems for Mid-Size and Large Businesses

Larger spaces require more coverage and complexity than smaller facilities, meaning that these security cameras will be bigger, more obvious and more expensive. You should be looking for the possibility of creating a complete security system when you choose cameras, and paying special attention to each brand’s software integration is important when trying to make your space more secure. A number of the brands below integrate with Kisi’s access control technology, which can improve physical security with minimal effort.

Manufacturing titan Bosch, perhaps unsurprisingly, makes security cameras along with pretty much everything else. Offering over 50 types of cameras, Bosch is a major player in the surveillance field. Each model of camera, including box, bullet and dome varieties, offers HD video, from 720p on smaller Dionion and Tinyon cameras all the way up to 4K resolution on Dionion and Flexidome models. The cameras are about half indoor and half outdoor, and most have audio capabilities. Special features include weathering extreme conditions, very low light, and the ability to move.
While Bosch has not reported any of their big-name clients, online reviews show their camers to be reliable and well-liked. Best Reviews Guide rates four Bosch cameras, three Flexidomes and one NBE, at a nine or above on a scale of 10. Like other manufacturers, the company does not sell its cameras directly through its site, but can be contacted for a quote. One of the best aspects of Bosch’s approach is that, because of the sheer variety of cameras offered, almost any space can use the devices, especially larger facilities that need more coverage.

Another instantly recognizable company, it’s understandable that Panasonic would also get into the business of manufacturing security cameras. Their equipment is best for large spaces with a high volume of traffic, like stadiums and even city streets, although, like other providers, Panasonic cameras can be used in a variety of settings. The company provides security solutions to Providence College, Dutch grocery store chain Jumbo Ten Brink Food, and Brussels Airport, and has even been a partner of the Olympic Games since 1984.
The company sells dozens of cameras for commercial use, ranging from bullets to multi-sensor models, which are at the top of their price range. The most powerful cameras, like the multi-sensor WV-X8570N and the weatherproof, domed WV-SFV481, which boast incredibly high resolution and panoramic feeds, are only necessary for operations that require detailed surveillance, like transportation hubs or government buildings. Otherwise, smaller offerings like the WV-SF438 and the WV-SPW312L can suffice. The reviews are also overwhelmingly positive. One parking lot owner from Sweden raves about Panasonic on the company’s website, saying that the company’s sales went up thanks to increased security.

Juan, a Chinese surveillance manufacturer, offers a slate of just over 10 security cameras for businesses. Online reviews and news about the company are sparse, and they seem to be a solution for businesses that need a lot of coverage without wanting to break the bank on more expensive cameras. Its cameras are HD-quality and are mostly bullets. While not as capable as some of the other cameras listed here, models like the PJ2010 and the PD3013 perform well in a variety of temperatures and light levels.

Axis Communications
Another all-around manufacturer of cameras, Axis Communications works well for a variety of situations and needs. Axis offers a variety of box, dome and bullet cameras in the $200-500 range, all with HD footage and the ability to adjust for light and motion. If you’re looking for something a little more specialized, there are also thermal cameras, discreet modular cameras, and even cameras that are designed to withstand explosions in hazardous environments. Because of their strong diversity of offerings, Axis Communications cameras can be used in many different settings, especially ones that require more niche options or a wide view, like facilities with elevators or even government buildings.
Axis boasts a long list of clients, including several school districts, theaters and stadiums worldwide, plus cities like Buffalo and Savannah. Reviewing the M3045-V camera on Amazon, user Gordincolorado said, “reliable and insanely fast recall.” Reviews for the company’s other cameras are similarly glowing, many coming from people who own mid-size facilities and need reliable, unfussy cameras. Another user, Matt, said, simply, “a monkey could install them.” By all accounts, Axis Communications is doing something right.

Dahua is one of the world’s largest security camera manufacturers and providers, with different types of cameras and surveillance technology that work for nearly any space. The company offers a great deal of camera models that meet just about any facility’s needs, especially considering price point and various camera capabilities, like outdoor use and low light settings. For anyone seeking to outfit a large area, like a warehouse or an office building, with a variety of security cameras or specialty models without spending too much, Dahua is a great way to get started.
Top-of-the-line cameras like the Multi-flex 4x2MP, which offers a 360-degree view and HD recording, are perfect for facilities that need to monitor big spaces, or even areas like intersecting hallways. Discreet cameras like the 4MP Covert Network Pinhole Camera System are much smaller and can hide inside ATMs and other tiny spaces. Some other cameras even have facial recognition software built in. But even if you’re not looking for one of these specialized cameras, Dahua probably still has the right one for you. Amazon reviews show that users love the cameras and find them easy to install and maintain.

March Networks
Ottawa-based March Networks is a newcomer to the field of surveillance video, but they’ve already managed to make a big impact on the market. Used by places like Tommy Bahama, Wisconsin School District and over 600 banks, the company is already trusted in spaces both large and small. Businesses that need to cover a lot of space or many smaller areas should consider March Networks cameras, which can integrate with access control providers, RFID readers, and license plate capturing technology. They’re also one of the only security camera providers making a push in the legal cannabis market, which could mean huge growth for the company in coming years.
On top of video recorders and management software, March Networks offers tens of different types of cameras, including domes, bullets, and even ones meant to go inside ATMs. Each of their cameras offers HD video, and models can be placed either inside or outdoors, making total security easier. Special features include zoom, infrared, and a low bit rate setting, which preserves bandwidth when you need more of it. Quotes for cameras are available from the company via their website. Online reviews are generally positive, and the company boasts a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Facebook.

Apexis is a Chinese security manufacturer founded in 2005. Its online presence is sparse, but the company offers dozens of cameras for all types of uses on its website. Its cameras work best for mid-sized spaces like restaurants and grocery stores, and while its clients are unknown, the cameras would work well for facilities that need cameras on a budget. The company sells cameras through its site, although you need to message them directly to get a quote.
Reviews for Apexis cameras are split down the middle — users either love them or experience issues with them. Amazon reviewers for one of its dome models are particularly divisive. User M.C., a self-described “camera snob,” praised the device for its superior image quality, but Matthew, another user, said his camera died after only a year and a half of use. In the end, Apexis is a secretive brand that is best for spaces working with limited budgets.