Review Created:
June 10, 2019
Hikvision Security Camera Systems

Hikvision Security Camera System

A massive Chinese company founded in 2001, Hikvision is one of the largest players in the security camera space. In fact, the company is so large that they offer dozens upon dozens of options, making the process of choosing a surveillance system both more inclusive and more complicated. Among its most popular models are the terribly-named DS-2CD4656F-IZH 2.8-12MM and DS-2CD2132F-I-2.8MM, although there’s a camera for pretty much any need on their website. Hikvision’s client list features entire countries, including Ecuador and Zimbabwe. They also offer proprietary access control software along with their cameras.

Hikvision Cameras

Reviews of Hikvision’s cameras reveal a company that makes largely reliable, if uninspiring, security cameras. A Security Sales & Integration review called the DS-2CD4656F-IZH an “exceptional camera with a wide array of menu options,” but the website Security Camera System Pro knocked Hikvision down a few pegs, noting that it fell short of the site’s top 10 camera providers. Amazon reviews back up these sentiments, commending the low price of many units but citing room for improvement, especially for low-light areas.