Kisi Terminal Pro

The solution for seamless employee and visitor access.

Kisi Terminal Pro

Extensive access methods with the Kisi Terminal Pro

Convenient. Flexible. Secure. The keys to a great access control experience for employees and visitors. The Kisi Terminal Pro provides seamless unlock and check-in methods to ensure frictionless entry while reducing operational overhead. Deploy employee badges in Apple Wallet to impress employees. Easily generate QR codes for temporary access requirements. Ensure flexibility and control over access permissions for events, visitors, or short-term contractors.

  • MotionSense

    Unlock doors by simply moving your hand in front of the Kisi Terminal Pro. No need to have your phone on hand.

  • Tap to unlock

    Hold your phone against the Kisi Terminal Pro to easily unlock doors. Add 2FA for increased security.

  • Employee badges in Apple Wallet

    Add your Kisi credential to Apple Wallet and use your iPhone and Apple Watch to securely enter spaces.

  • QR & barcodes

    Scan your QR or barcode with the Kisi Terminal Pro for effortless, user-friendly, temporary access.

  • Visitor links

    Tap the link you get via email, text message, or chat app to unlock specific doors during a set time.

  • Cards and fobs

    Use Kisi cards or easily add your legacy NFC or RFID badges or fobs for a swift unlock experience.

  • Unlock the possibilities

    Check in to convenience

    Empower employees and visitors with unified mobile and card unlock methods through versatile QR and barcode check-in options. The Terminal Pro offers ultimate flexibility by enabling multiple unlock methods and accommodating diverse access control scenarios, from employee badges in Apple Wallet for employees to QR codes for temporary access requirements.

    Install with ease, operate with joy

    The Terminal Pro boasts a sleek design, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and an IP65 rating. OTA updates and provisioning allow for easy management. Its QR code functionality enhances operational flexibility. The system is scalable, allowing easy expansion or modification of access capabilities without major infrastructure changes.

    Impress visitors, lessen overhead

    Indulge your users with effortless, user-friendly access tailored to their preferences through QR codes. This intuitive approach reduces training requirements, boosts user adoption, and increases satisfaction. Additionally, QR code-based systems streamline administrative tasks like access provisioning, management, and revocation, minimizing manual efforts and operational costs.

    Easily bring your existing access control to the cloud

    Leverage your existing system with Kisi’s backward compatibility to bring all your locations to the cloud or move them to mobile access control. Reuse parts of your existing access control hardware or add the Kisi Terminal Pro for versatile unlock options for employees and visitors.


    Welcome to Kisi Inc! Door access at this company is powered by Kisi.

    To unlock the doors, please scan the QR code below at a compatible Kisi QR Code Reader.

    Your QR code is valid between Mar 13 2024, 11:15AM CET and Mar 24 2024, 03:15PM CET.

    This QR code is uniquely generated for your account, please don't share it with anybody.

    QR code

    Introducing Kisi x Apple

    Enable seamless mobile access with Apple Wallet

    As a certified Apple partner, Kisi combines the ease-of-use and security of Apple Wallet with Kisi’s enhanced access control.

    »Love the new design, it’s looking great on our reception«
    Contingent Works
    »Kisi allows us to have a fluid day, regardless of what office location we're working in, without slowing us down.«
    »The first time anyone tries the app, they freak out — they think it’s so cool! Kisi is a game changer for us.«
    Termianl Pro

    Product specifications



    9.6 in (24.5 cm)


    2.9 in (7.5 cm)


    1.3 in (3.47 cm)


    Access methods

    • MotionSense

    • Android and iOS smartphones (BLE, NFC)

    • High frequency NFC encrypted Kisi cards, fobs, and tags (13.56 Mhz)

    • Low frequency RFID cards, fobs, and tags (125 kHz)

    • QR codes



    • Internet: Ethernet (PoE supported)

    • LF/RFID, HF/NFC card read range: Up to 1.5 in (4 cm)

    • NFC/BLE Tap to Unlock range: Up to 1.9 in (5 cm)

    • QR code reading range: 1.4 in ~ 9.8 in (3.5 cm ~ 25 cm)

    User feedback

    • LED signaling

    • Buzzer