Elevator Access Control

Manage elevator access with Kisi.

Elevator Access

Extend Mobile Access to Your Elevators

With Kisi remote management, best-in-class security standards can be applied to your entire facility, including elevators. The two types of elevators that are supported are relay-based and dispatch-based ones.

In relay-based elevators, you can enter the cabin, tap your phone against the reader, then select the floor on the panel mounted inside the elevator. In dispatch elevators, you first tap your phone against the reader which is located outside of the cabin, then select the floor on the outside mounted panel to enter the cabin.

Touchless Elevator Access Control With Kisi

How Does This Work for Admins

Admins can require certain floors to require credentials or they can set the floor to be open. Similarly to how a Kisi Controller can be connected to four different doors, with elevators, one controller lets admins manage access for up to four floors. If you have more floors, just add more controllers.

For more information about wiring for relay-based elevators you can take a look at this PDF.

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