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The 10 Best Elevator Camera Brands to Consider

This overview of the main types of elevator cameras and a list of 10 examples can help your search for an ideal model

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Updated on December 15, 2023

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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If you're in the market for elevator cameras, there are several main types to choose from. Here's a look at specialized cameras that might interest you when buying specifically for an elevator, plus 10 brands that are worth a look.

Types of Elevator Security Cameras

Mini-dome: They're similar to the dark, translucent models often mounted to the ceilings of retail stores, but smaller.

Pinhole cameras: They install directly into another component of the elevator, such as the control panel. Pinhole cameras have apertures rather than lenses.

Corner cameras: Their triangular shape enables them to fit neatly into an upper angle on an elevator's wall.

If you opt for a smart elevator camera, meaning they are compatible with cloud-based software, you can monitor things from anywhere by viewing live video feeds on a smartphone or tablet app. Any of the broad types of elevator cameras mentioned here could have smartphone compatibility.

Since smartphones are getting sleeker and come equipped with more advanced cameras, the Vivo elevator camera, for example, allows a smartphone's photo-taking component to pop up and retract as the user requires. Be sure to check with your chosen retailer if a compatible smartphone app is a must-have feature for your elevator camera.

Now that you know the main types of elevator cameras, it’s also worth researching if there are any legal restrictions on their use for business purposes. The law generally allows enterprises to use elevator cameras. However, businesspeople can only install them for legitimate reasons, and do so in ways that don't violate a person's reasonable expectation of privacy. Read our guide for more info about regulations for surveillance in the workplace.

Concerning pricing, the elevator range is quite broad, spanning from hundreds of dollars to several thousands, depending on how extensive the surveillance system is. Additionally, many companies require you to submit your company's details to receive exact quotes.

10 Best Elevator Security Cameras to Consider

1. RATH Discrete View Pinhole Camera

This camera provides 1080p, high-definition video footage, and it can send the collected content to a DVR recorder or an SD card. Moreover, the camera has a field-adjustable viewing angle.

2. AXIS P91 Network Camera

This corner-style camera delivers up to three-megapixel resolution. The field of view covers up to 130 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Plus, this shock and vibration-resistant model arrives fully focused, which means users don't need to spend much time setting it up to adequately capture footage.

3. SECO-LARM ENFORCER Analog Corner-Mount Camera

This analog elevator camera, which features a sturdy metal exterior to resist vandalism, has four possible modes for you to choose. It also has three white balance modes to help accurately represent the colors captured on the camera. Users benefit from an on-screen display and a joystick to use to make selections.

4. Orangesecurity HD-TVI Elevator Corner-Mount Camera

This two-megapixel camera can easily capture the details of both people and objects in your elevator. It has a 2.8-millimeter wide-angle lens, too. Something that sets this product apart from many others is that it comes with lifetime, U.S.-based customer support.

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5. Dahua HDC-EV-2M-2.8 2MP HD TVI Elevator Security Camera

This camera continues to perform well in low-light conditions due to infrared LEDs that activate to provide the necessary illumination when natural light dips below an acceptable level. The smooth metal body is also durable and designed to blend in with other metal parts of an elevator, such as trim or handrails.

6. HD-ETL3 Elevator Camera

Since the HD-ETL3 Elevator Camera has an ultra-wide-angle lens, you could put it in one corner and see the entire surrounding area. It supports three high-definition video modes, plus standard-definition CCTV feeds.

7. VideoComm — EVL1R2409 — 2.4GHz Digital FHSS Wireless Elevator Camera System

Since this model smoothly integrates with other surveillance systems, it's ideal for companies that already have some monitoring solutions in place and are ready to expand. It also installs in a few hours, shortening the overall downtime for the elevator. The camera does not connect to the elevator's internal mechanics, making installation simpler.

Besides an automatic white balance feature, this camera has an automatic gain feature. It controls the amplification level from the camera's signal.

8. Air EL100 Laser Optical Wireless Elevator Camera Video System

This elevator camera, designed for low-rise buildings, transmits video footage through an optical LED system that allows the camera to work without a cable system. This Air model provides real-time, high-quality footage that doesn't degrade due to dust or digital noise.

9. Pelco Spectra Mini

The Pelco elevator camera is a compact, dome-type camera intended for indoor conditions. It has 64 presets, plus programmable zoom speeds. Since there is a 10x optical and 8x digital zoom, it's easy for users to focus on details to get more information from the captured footage.

10. Panasonic PEHV1000SFN130 Dome Network Camera with Elevator Housing

This Panasonic camera has two zoom modes you can control through a web browser. There is also face-specific image technology that makes a person's facial features show up exceptionally clearly within the captured footage. Users can customize the video's output through a variable image quality feature, too. It allows specifying eight high-quality image zones while designating others as lower-quality. This feature reduces the overall file size.

An Elevator Camera Increases Safety

Choosing to install an elevator could keep workers, customers, and guests safe. This list gives a starting point for your search and, hopefully, makes the final choice easier. In case you need more resources regarding elevators, we have written an article about things to consider before installing an elevator and our recommendations for the best elevator companies. Apart from these, we do have some resources about elevator access control, which is our field of expertise. In particular, one guide about how elevator access control works and one about our own elevator access control solution.

For other information about security cameras, you can take a look at our article about the best brands for security cameras and our solutions page for video surveillance + access control integration.

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  • Connect with a Kisi expert in 24 hours

  • Get a tailored solution for your use case

  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days

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