How Kisi Works

We ship and install the best access control system

You need an easy-to-manage system that regulates security at your building or workplace, that’s why we're here. The best access control systems combine top-notch software (including software infrastructure like the cloud and IoT) with the right hardware to ensure that every guest, member or employee has permission to access the right location at the right time.

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How we make it happen:

At the simplest level, Kisi communicates between your door readers, electronic locks and access control panel to give you a bird's-eye view of the Kisi dashboard and your entire setup.

Kisi Rreader and Phone

Door Reader

The door reader sends information to the door controller in the IT room. The reader is connected to the Internet, which transmits the signal to the control panel.

Kisi Setup

Access Control Panel

The door's access control panel sits in the IT room. The controller is connected to power, Internet and the door lock.

Wiring Kisi

Different locks, same purpose:

We understand that you may already have an existing electronic lock in place—it’s no problem. Kisi integrates with all existing electronic lock systems, granting users the ability to unlock doors using NFC or Bluetooth connections.

From zero to Kisi in 5 steps:

We can have your Kisi system up and running in ten business days!

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First, we stop by for a visit.

A local, certified, Kisi installer checks out your space and decides what tools or hardware are needed. Kisi is compatible with any electrically-powered lock.

Get a final quote, tick all the boxes.

We'll send you a final quote, after we’ve evaluated your space, to build your custom access control system.

We'll ship your hardware.

We'll ship your hardware order via UPS, or DHL Express if you're abroad. Global delivery is possible within 24 hours—talk to our sales team to learn more.

Pre-installation begins.

We'll assign you a dedicated Kisi specialist who will answer all your questions throughout the installation and onboarding process. Your Kisi specialist is available anytime you have a question, even after the system has been set up.

Installation is complete.

Once your Kisi system is installed, your specialist will connect the controller to your door locks and help you set up your account(s), create doors and start issuing keys!

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