At Kisi, we recognize the importance of safeguarding our users' personal data and ensuring their right to privacy. Our commitment to protecting the privacy and personal data of our users is at the forefront of our operations. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information, we have implemented robust measures and practices to ensure data protection.

Our adherence to GDPR ensures that our users can trust us with their data, knowing that we prioritize their privacy and handle their personal information with the utmost care. The GDPR principles we follow serve as a foundation for fostering a transparent and secure environment, enabling our users to have greater control over their data and feel confident when using our services.

To meet and exceed GDPR requirements, we have implemented the following measures and practices:

  • Data Processing Agreements: We reflect GDPR requirements in our data processing agreement, which specifies the use of personal data on behalf of our enterprise customers.
  • Vendor Agreements: To ensure that our customers' personal data is protected, all of our vendor agreements include GDPR-compliant terms whenever personal data may be processed on our behalf.
  • Enhancing Data Security and Integrity: We conduct reviews of our data and security systems to ensure our internal documentation and policies are always in line with the GDPR principles. We are committed to putting additional technical safeguards in place to provide even higher levels of data protection as our products and services expand.
  • Data Subjects Requests: We have defined processes to respond to any data subject requests that we may receive.
  • Updates to our Policies: We have updated our Privacy Policy and various internal policies to further embed GDPR requirements within our company.

We look forward to sharing more details on how we handle and protect data under GDPR and beyond. If you have any questions about Kisi’s GDPR compliance please contact us at