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Multi-use smart building

Securing a multi-use smart building with a workplace technology integration partner

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  • Before Kisi

  • 31500 ft² building with 7 floors

  • Undefined tenant onboarding and management processes

  • Unclear access practices for landlord, building management, and technology providers

  • After

  • Automated access control to the building, staircases, restroom, amenities, and the elevator

  • New tenants can easily be remotely onboarded and managed in a multi-tenant dashboard

  • Shared administration rights and ease of reporting

The landlord of a 7-floor, 31500 ft² building was very interested in leveraging prop-tech and workplace technologies. The goal was to create a multi-use workspace that attracts new tenants and functions with coworking principles.

Working with integration partners for the complete multi-tenant experience

The building owner partnered up with Lerner Solutions, a Kisi-certified technology integrator and service provider, to automate access control to the building, staircases, restroom, amenities, and elevator. The braXos integration assured a seamless elevator access experience.

“Kisi allowed the landlord to transform the building.” Dave Lerner, Owner at Lerner Solutions

Collaborative security administration for smooth tenant onboarding and management

Kisi admins can now easily onboard new tenants remotely via the Kisi mobile app or web dashboard. The multi-tenant dashboard represents each tenant as a team, making it even easier for admins to add, change, or remove access rights. Kisi not only allows tenants to be swiftly onboarded, but it also enables them to use mobile access and not worry about lost or duplicated cards or fobs.

To encourage collaboration, the landlord, building management, and technology providers share administration rights to manage access control. The admins can also pull audit reports of all access events for law enforcement.

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Optimize space utilization and increase revenue

Easily manage access, monitor security, and impress users with a seamless access experience with Kisi.

Switching your access control to Kisi is simple

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