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City of Le Sueur

The City of Le Sueur migrated to Kisi for increased reliability and cloud-based features

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  • Before Kisi

  • Existing access control system was unreliable

  • Had to manually unlock doors for visitors and guests

  • Harder to scale to new locations as needed

  • After

  • Quick and easy onboarding for seasonal employees and guests

  • Improved access after-hours

  • Multiple access methods for different user preferences

As a growing community nestled along the scenic Minnesota River Valley, the City of Le Sueur, Minnesota, offers a host of activities for its residents. Their expanding community center needed a reliable access system that integrated well and enabled them to easily communicate membership levels between the tools they were using. Kisi ticked all the boxes, allowing them to use multiple access methods for different user preferences and providing their seasonal employees and guests with easy access onboarding.

Can you describe how Kisi is used at your facility?

Currently we have Kisi on all our front doors, lobbies, and in our recreational areas like our fitness center, ice arena, racquetball court, and golf simulator. All of our employees and members have access to Kisi and love it. We will be expanding Kisi across other government locations in the city in the near future due to the ease of adoption our users had.

What do you like best about Kisi?

Because we have a variety of facilities, we also employ seasonal workers that need limited access rights, and Kisi is great for easily onboarding and offboarding these people. Also, If access has ended due to something like seasonality, it's easy to remotely unlock that part of the building to increase security.

How important is cloud-based access to your facility?

The cloud-based access is one of the most important features to me. I live farther away from the center, so if a guest shows up and needs access, I can grant access remotely straight from my phone without having to travel back to the facility, or have a computer available, like I did before Kisi.

Also, since we are in Minnesota, we get very cold weather, so we appreciate that Kisi remains operational even when temperatures drop. There are also a wide variety of access credentials we can use that make life easier for our members.

Was onboarding necessary?

The onboarding experience was very simple. A big bonus for me is that it's so easy to use. I am not that tech-savvy but was able to understand how to use the system and set up different access levels very easily. Many of our members are senior citizens, who occasionally have a problem adapting to new technology, but they were even able to get up to speed with the mobile app very quickly.

Why did you choose Kisi?

We use Recdesk and wanted a system that integrated well with that to enable us to easily communicate membership levels between the tools. We used a different access control system prior to Kisi, but it was very unreliable. The access control system had trouble sending data back and forth with Recdesk, and the scheduling functionality often didn't work like it was supposed to. With Kisi everything is so much easier and integrates with all of the tools we currently use.

How did the migration to Kisi go?

The migration from our old system to Kisi was smooth, and we didn’t notice any downtime. Kisi’s support team was really helpful during the whole process, and we are really pleased with the switch.


Allison Watkins
Recreation Manager

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