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An acute-care hospital

An acute-care hospital upgrades to cloud access, ensuring SOC 2 compliance

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  • Before Kisi

  • Various user groups with different access needs, like medical and clinical staff, administration, contractors, and volunteers

  • The hospital’s security sensitive areas operated on keypads and keys

  • Every offboarding took approximately 3 hours of work

  • After

  • Change from a CapEx to an OpEx model

  • Security sensitive areas are SOC 2 compliant

  • Easy user management and advanced data of employee presence

As an acute-care hospital, this healthcare facility includes a Level III Trauma Center, a 24-hour Emergency Room, rehab services, a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services, and more. The hospital’s primary service area serves two counties of 35,000 people.

This healthcare facility boasts highly-skilled medical staff in various departments, like general surgery, obstetrics, gynecology care, and behavioral and mental health. Besides the medical and clinical staff, the hospital has many additional user groups, including administration and business staff, plant operations, contract employees, and volunteers.

Cloud-based access control for compliance and ease of management

Kisi helped introduce mobile, cloud-based access to the hospital that previously operated on keypads and keys. Switching to the cloud and setting up various user groups with different access privileges meant enhanced security while ensuring SOC 2 compliance.

The security sensitive areas (SSAs), like surgeries or behavioral units, are now secured with the latest security standards, eliminating the security threats of sharing keys or keypad codes.

To further streamline operations and improve workflows, the hospital integrated Kisi with the time-clocking platform. Thanks to the automated access management, the hospital significantly reduced the admin time it took whenever an employee left the organization.

“Kisi has made it easy to keep control of the many different user groups in our hospital.” – Director of IT

Enhanced hospital security with significant ROI

Kisi enabled the hospital to change from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Kisi’s Wiegand board allows for smooth migration and minimal hardware expenses. The cloud-based software means getting constant improvements with over-the-air (OTA) updates, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks, and the need for IT teams to spend time on maintenance and upgrades.

Combined with the ease of use and management of various groups with different access needs and privileges, it supports all secured areas to be SOC 2 compliant. The hospital also enjoys more streamlined operations thanks to the easy on- and offboarding with Kisi. They get bigger control, more insights, and data on employee presence, allowing more efficient shift and people management with the help of the Kisi integrations.

Enhance your healthcare facility’s security

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