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SEC regulated hedge fund enhances physical security with Kisi

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  • Before Kisi

  • Getting into the office wasn’t easy with the legacy access control system

  • A lack of remote office management

  • No visible control data trail with explicit retention policy

  • After

  • Easier annual mock audits and visual audit trails ensure SEC compliance

  • Automated offboarding and access removal thanks to Kisi’s Azure AD connection

  • Self-service onboarding for users using their mobile devices

As a financial institution in a highly regulated industry, this hedge fund company had a legacy access control system where they couldn’t control the data trail with an explicit retention policy. Like many companies, the IT team is a central point for security and needs to be able to answer all questions quickly.

Their legacy system didnt offer basic functionality needed, such as enabling people to easily get into the ofifce. What’s more, they wanted to modernize their system and make it more convenient through remote office management. Choosing Kisi allowed all these and brought many additional functionalities this hedge fund company enjoys daily.

Streamlined operations and improved interdepartmental work with Kisi

Kisi helped this hedge fund company leverage Azure SSO and SCIM for user provisioning and identity verification in Kisi. Being able to automate on- and offboarding the company increased its security while streamlining operations.

The IT team no longer needed to issue credentials to new hires manually. While the automated offboarding meant they no longer had to worry about forgetting to restrict access to departing employees or worry about unreturned access cards.

For a complete audit trail, the hedge fund company utilizes contact sensors to detect when a door is opened or closed. The compliance team can then export the door event list in a couple of seconds with the Kisi dashboard or search through specific events they need to investigate.

The ease of use and functionality Kisi provides brings the compliance, security, legal, and IT teams on the same page and makes everyone’s job easier.

“Kisi enables our company to stay compliant easier and bring us all on the same page around office security processes.” Director of IT

Ensured compliance and clear processes

Upgrading to Kisi, the hedge fund company can now do easier annual mock audits for SEC with external consultants. The visual audit trail, on the other hand, allows for reactive investigations and avoids surveillance, ensuring compliance.

All the teams being in sync with the advanced functionalities allow for clear, optimized processes. For instance, when someone leaves, Kisi’s Azure AD connection removes access right away. Users can log in with their mobile devices and self-service onboard. The IT department is free to focus on their core and can remotely troubleshoot if needed.

Enhance your financial institution’s security

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