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Scaling security for a cross state home health service

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  • Before Kisi

  • Access was tied to a key so clinicians relied on employees for access

  • Medical and drug supply rooms weren’t secured to grant access only to specific employees

  • No insights into the number of cars on-site and their schedules

  • After

  • Integrated HR and access platforms for streamlined onboarding

  • Employees can use their phones or fobs to enter the building, and only specific employees can enter the medical and storage rooms

  • The administrator has a centralized system to control all locations and can remotely grant and restrict access

As a growing healthcare company that provides urgent, primary, and mental healthcare in the comfort and convenience of customers’ homes, this home health service couldn’t rely on physical keys to control access.

The clinicians they dispatch to end customers were relying on the employees who held keys to start their day. These employees needed to clock in in the morning before the rounds and return to clock out at night. While customers had the perks of skipping the waiting room, admins experienced difficulties scaling up and managing the multiple locations the healthcare facility was operating from.

Enhanced security and advanced insights with Kisi

Physical keys are not only impractical but not entirely safe to use, especially in a healthcare context where medical devices and drugs are stored. Kisi enables secure entry to the building, allowing admins to control the many people coming in and out.

The home health service admins can now grant and revoke access to different users and groups at all locations, depending on their needs. The medical and drug supply rooms are now more secure when access is regulated, and only specific employees are allowed.

The data Kisi’s access control system provides brings much-needed insights into the number of cars on-site and the times of their departure and arrival, streamlining operations.

The scalability possibilities are limitless thanks to the global management function as well as the seamless integrations with both their healthcare and HR software.

Everything we do needs to be scalable, I don’t want to have one-off systems here and there,” says the COO of this healthcare company.

Streamlined operations and global management ensures scalability

Upgrading to Kisi, meant enhanced security while improving the general workflow for the healthcare company. Thanks to the HR system integration, the admins enjoy streamlined onboarding. The centralized system covers all the locations, enabling the admins to monitor control and match up access logs and HR check-in logs when needed.

The employees, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about who has the key and use their mobile phones or fobs to access the places they have access privileges to.

Enhance your healthcare facility’s security

Keep your hospital, lab, or clinic SOC II compliant while ensuring efficient access management with Kisi.

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