Review Created:
June 10, 2019
Verkada Security Camera Systems

Verkada Security Camera System

Offering four different types of dome cameras, Verkada is a great solution for facilities that require panoramic monitoring in either indoor or outdoor environments. Each model of camera (D30 Indoor Dome, D40 Mini Dome, D50 Outdoor Dome and D80 Fisheye Dome) offers high-definition video, and certain types work best in different environments, including low-light areas and spots with low bandwidth. Their system also includes a mobile command center in the form of an app, which allows users to monitor all feeds and sends them alerts when cameras are triggered. Tiered pricing starts at $799 for smaller cameras and grows based on how long you want to keep your recorded footage, from the base 30 days up to 120 days. Verkada works with customers from retail to government to banking, including huge names like Hilton, Equinox and the University of Maryland. Verkada is best for large spaces that require both indoor and outdoor monitoring. Instead of shelling out more money for smaller cameras, customers can choose to use a larger Verkada camera to cover a much wider region.

Verkada CCTV devices

Verkada can be used with its own proprietary software, but its true potential lies in integrating the cameras with a larger security system. Once you’ve chosen the set of cameras that fits your unique needs, you can connect the cameras to a number of systems, including Kisi’s access control software and hardware. Integrating with Kisi allows you to protect your physical assets with constant monitoring and camera-enabled features, which is only made easier with Verkada’s built-in footage storage. While you can simply watch your facility using CCTV, Kisi-enabled Verkada cameras also allow you to set motion alarms after-hours, for example. For spaces that contain sensitive equipment or information, this is vital to keeping your protected assets safe and secure. And with seamless integration into a larger access control system, you’ll make your business much safer in no time.

Kisi - Verkada Integration

Founded in 2015, Verkada is already winning fans around the world, and it’s already been featured in Fast Company, where it was hailed as a company that’s disrupting the security camera industry. In 2018, venture firm Next47, which itself is backed by Siemens, added Verkada to its roster of companies in which it has invested. The security camera provider’s customers, too, are excited about the company. Amazon reviewer C.R. said, “I can honestly say that [the price of] the camera is justified.” On Verkada’s website Bill Weber, an information security officer at Susquehanna Community Bank, echoed this sentiment. “In this environment, it’s very unusual for us to try something and have it work — the first time and every time.”