Verkada Security Cameras: Overview

Founded in 2015, Verkada is already winning fans around the world, and it’s already been featured in Fast Company.


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CD61/CD61-E Dome Camera

CD61/CD61-E Dome Camera

Image resolution

3840 x 2160

Field of View


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Comes with VMS



Verkada Security Camera System

Offering four different types of video security solutions, Verkada is a great solution for facilities that require panoramic monitoring in either indoor or outdoor environments. Each camera model offers high-definition video, together with simple and effective software. Their system also includes a mobile command center application, which allows users to monitor all feeds and sends them alerts right to their smartphones when cameras are triggered. Tiered pricing starts at $799 for smaller cameras and grows based on how long you want to keep your recorded footage, from the base 30 days up to 120 days. Verkada works with customers from retail to government to banking, including huge names like Hilton, Equinox and Acer. Verkada is best for large spaces that require both indoor and outdoor monitoring. Instead of shelling out more money for smaller cameras, customers can choose to use a larger Verkada camera to cover a much wider region.

Founded in 2015, Verkada has won fans around the world, and has been featured in Fast Company, where it was hailed as a disruptor in the security camera industry. In 2018, venture firm Next47, which is backed by Siemens, added Verkada to its roster of companies in which it has invested.

The security camera provider’s customers, too, are excited about the company. Amazon reviewer C.R. said,

“I can honestly say that [the price of] the camera is justified.”

On Verkada’s website Bill Weber, an information security officer at Susquehanna Community Bank, echoed this sentiment.

“In this environment, it’s very unusual for us to try something and have it work — the first time and every time.”

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Verkada: The Top 5 Cameras

As mentioned previously, the brand offers four types of video security solutions, of which three types are cameras. The latter are:

  • Dome cameras
  • Mini cameras
  • Fish-eye cameras

Let’s dive deeper into the different models and see which are the most popular ones.

1. CD61/CD61-E Dome Camera

The top-of-the-line camera, within the Dome series, is, without a doubt, the CD61 Dome Camera. You may find this same camera named as CD61-E as this is the name of the “outdoor” version.


The CD61 offers excellent performance with Ultra 4K video resolution, 3x optical zoom and, of course, the standard Verkada video analytics solution.

2. D40 Mini Dome

Another very popular solution, within businesses, is to use more compact cameras, that can be installed everywhere, without particular effort.


This is the case of the D40 Mini Dome Camera, by Verkada. Despite the incredible performance, this camera comes in a 10mm/3.94in diameter with a height of 63mm/2.48in.

In terms of specifications, the image resolution is 5MP and the performance in low light situations is excellent thanks to the IR-cut filter for day & night function (a trademark of Verkada). The camera arrives paired with the Verkada video analytics solution.

3. D80 Fisheye

The D80 is the Fisheye solution offered by Verkada. As you might expect, the image resolution is much higher than the rest of the products offered (12 MP). The camera has a field of view of 180º.


The customer can choose if keeping the wide-viewing angles or breaking down any area into quadrants. The camera can stay inside or outside without the need of changing the installation process and comes with the Verkada video analytics solution.

4. CD41/CD41-E Dome


Another popular solution, if you are looking for a dome camera, is the CD41 Dome. Also this model, just like the CD61, can be found with the name CD41-E in case it is the version studied for “outdoor”. This camera is the more basic version of CD61 with 5MP of image resolution compared to the Ultra 4K of the top-of-the-line one, and a 128° diagonal field of view.

The camera, just like the previously mentioned models, has a “night function” thanks to its IR-cut filter, and performs greatly in low-light conditions.

5. CM61 Mini 4K Dome

Normally, when dealing with smaller cameras, one would expect lower performances and image resolution. Well, that’s not the case for the CM61 Mini Dome Camera.


This mini camera, has a 4K resolution and 120° diagonal Field of View, despite of its 101mm diameter and 57 mm height (3.98in x 2.24in). These dimensions make the camera easy to install and incredibly effective.

This frame is, however, more sensitive to a vandal attack and, for this reason, it is ideal to install it indoor.

Verkada Cameras: Pricing

Verkada solutions are, in our opinion, some of the best on the market and, for this reason, the pricing is slightly higher than other competitors. The clarity of the image and the ease of use of the Command video solution make Verkada especially unique.

You may be able to find some cameras starting from $500 approximately, even if the majority of the products range from $700 to $800. What really makes the difference, for Verkada, is that you can request a 30-day free trial and see if you like it. A big downside, however, is that the camera does not integrate with other security systems yet. Meraki, for example, has an integration with Kisi that allows you to create a safe and cloud based ecosystem. With Verkada, this solution is not available yet.

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