D-Link Security Cameras: Overview

D-Link’s different models of camera represent a wide array of needs and work in plenty of environments.


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D-Link Security Camera System

Another Asian security giant, Taiwan-based D-Link offers a great deal of technology for homes and businesses, including 14 models of cameras. D-Link is best for businesses that need to cover a large amount of area with plenty of camera options, and their clients, including West Virginia University, the Dallas Zoo, and Texas-based Blanco Independent School District, reflects this specialty.

D-Link’s different models of camera represent a wide array of needs and work in plenty of environments, including bullets and domes that work both indoors and outside. Each camera offers a high-definition feed, and some come with special features, including two-way audio on the DCS-4622 and long-range night vision on the DCS-4703E. D-Link does not sell cameras online, however — you’ll have to submit an inquiry or buy one through a third-party retailer. SafeHome.org gave the manufacturer high marks for easy integration and cloud storage but noted that setup can get confusing when using all features of each camera.

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D-Link: The Top 5 Cameras

Just like OpenEye, D-Link has an extensive offering of cameras for businesses. For this reason, it might be complicated to choose one that fits your specific situation. For this reason, we decided to list here the most versatile and popular solutions that D-Link has to offer.

1. Vigilance Full HD PoE Dome Network Camera (DCS-4603)

Let’s start with the most popular camera of the D-Link portfolio, the DCS-4603. The camera features the classic dome design and a 3MP lens. The resolution of the image is pretty decent, just like the performance in low lights conditions (IR illuminator works up to 9.7 meters (32ft)).


Installation is made easy, thanks to the PoE power input and this makes it suitable for all kinds of businesses. Extra features are the Wide Dynamic Range and the ePTZ that allows zooming in the image.

2. Vigilance Full HD Outdoor PoE Mini Bullet Camera (DCS-4701E)


DCS-4701E is the most popular bullet camera od the D-Link portfolio. It features a max resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 30fps.

The camera has a very powerful IR illuminator (30m/98ft) for dark areas which makes it perfect for outdoors, contrarily to the previously listed camera.

This model stands extreme temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 50 °C and is very resistant to weather conditions and vandal attacks.

3. Vigilance 360° Full HD PoE Network Camera (DCS-4622)


The third most popular camera is a 360° camera, the DCS-4622. The camera is ideal for monitoring very open spaces and has an ePTZ that allows the security person to zoom in and focus on specific areas of the frame.

The camera has a decent max resolution of 1920x1536 pixels and comes with a PoE power input that makes it easy and quick to install. The huge competitive advantage of the camera is certainly its large Field of View (FoV) thanks to its innovative design.

4. Vigilance Full HD Outdoor PoE Mini Dome Camera (DCS-4802E)


If you are looking for a cheap and decent outdoor camera, the DCS-4802E is the camera for you. It is very compact and easy to install (supports PoE installation), it’s pretty resistant thanks to its built and has a good IR illumination range (around 20m/65ft).

The camera features some extras, such as Motion detection and Wide Dynamic Range. The conditions in low lights are good, despite we would suggest a more high-end solution for better image quality, like the MV22 Camera from Meraki, for example.

5. 5 Megapixel H.265 Outdoor Network Camera (DCS-7517)


DCS-7517 is the top-of-the-line outdoor camera of D-Link. It has a great resolution (1920x1080 with a max of 2560x1920) and features all the “extras” offered by D-Link (motion detection, WDR image enhancement and PoE power input for easier installation). The camera also offers a sunshield, that is pretty rare, and a very strong build to resist extreme weather conditions and, of course, vandal attacks.

The smart IR illuminator works up to 30 meters, which makes it the longest range for the D-Link portfolio.

D-Link Cameras: Pricing

The cameras of the range can be found on the market starting from $150 circa and arriving at more than $500. The built is solid and the quality of the image is a bit off compared to other competitors. Also, D-Link does not have, like other competitors, a strong video analytics solution included with the cameras and no big integrations meaning that it may be difficult to create a smart security system with this type of camera.

Other brands, like Meraki, have multiple integrations, including one with Kisi that can help to create a smart security system that requires minimum effort and maximized automation and efficiency.

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