Ring Security Cameras: Overview

Founded with the intention of reducing crime in their community, Ring quickly became a staple for many businesses all over the world.


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Ring Indoor Cam

Ring Indoor Cam

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Ring security cameras serve as popular surveillance options for smaller companies and businesses. The cameras are connected to a user’s phone or tablet and send the device notifications when the cameras detect motion. Ring is compatible with Alexa, allowing users to easily use the speaker to communicate or set off an alarm. For example, someone in an office could tell Alexa, “show me the conference room”, and they would then see footage of that room, assuming a camera is installed there. Companies can also check in on their spaces by using Ring’s live view feature or can speak to anyone near a camera using the two-way talk feature. Installation of these cameras are easy, typically taking 15 minutes or less for each camera. Everything needed to install each camera comes in the box with clear directions.

Ring also offers users a Ring Protect plan. This plan allows companies to get more out of their devices by offering video recording and photo capture. The plan lets individuals look back at specific moments and share them with whoever the user would like, whether it be a business executive, security personnel, With a subscription to Ring Protect, businesses can see footage from up to 60 days ago. Photos are saved to the account for a week.

Ring Security Cameras: The Top 5 Models

1. Ring Indoor Cam


The indoor cam is Ring’s base security camera model. It is designed for indoor use and plugs into any standard outlet for power. The indoor cam is compact, allowing it to fit comfortably in most places without taking space away from anything else in the room. This camera would be ideal for main lobbys or conference rooms in office buildings.

2. Ring Stick Up Cam


The stick up cam is suitable for placement inside or outside. The camera features various power options as well as placement options, thus providing the company or business user a lot of flexibility. The stick up cam is water resistant and features 1080p HD video with notifications sent to a device when motion is detected. The stick up cam is one of ring’s wireless security cameras. The battery powered camera can easily be placed on a flat surface or wall, whatever is most convenient for the location. The various power options include a battery pack, an AC adapter plugged into standard power outlets, a solar panel, and an ethernet option for nonstop power and a reliable connection.

The solar panel option is a popular option among companies for outside use. One customer wrote a ring security camera review stating that the cameras only need a couple hours of sunlight per day to keep the batteries topped off. The customer also mentioned they were pleased with the video quality of the ring outdoor security camera. Even if there is not an adequate amount of sun in a day, the camera has a battery pack for backup power.

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3. Ring Floodlight Cam


This hardwired security camera features ultra-bright LED floodlights and a siren. If someone walks within the motion detection area of the security camera, the floodlights turn on and light up the area as a way to both scare away a potential threat and capture clearer footage on camera of that individual’s motion. The camera starts streaming video once the lights turn on. The siren can be activated by a business user even when they are off property. That way, the alarm can sound at any point in time. The idea behind this camera is to stop crime before it happens.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam


The spotlight cam is very similar to the floodlight cam. It lights up a smaller area than the floodlight cam would, but functions in the same way with motion detection and alarm siren options. This surveillance camera is available in both wired and wireless options, allowing consumers to choose the best option for their company or business. Finally, similar to the stick up cam, Ring’s spotlight cams feature 1080p HD video, two-way talk options, night vision, and a solar panel option for power.

Ring Security Cameras: Pricing

Ring security cameras are competitively priced, with the base indoor cam model on the market for only $59.99. The most expensive model is the floodlight cam which is priced at $249.99. All other models fall somewhere in between these two. Ring cameras offer similar features that other security cameras companies offer, but tend to be more attractive price-wise. Additionally, most of the cameras can be purchased in a 2 pack, thus catering to company needs who are looking to monitor multiple locations or rooms.

The Ring Protect plan requires an additional subscription charge per month. The basic plan is $3 a month per device and provides storage and sharing options. The plus plan is $10 a month per location and includes recording, storage, and sharing options for all devices.

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