DoorBird Security Camera System Overview

A great "Made In Germany" solution for your door intercom. The Doorbird products feature a smooth design and an incredibly solid built.


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BirdGuard B101

BirdGuard B101

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DoorBird is a door intercom that functions both as a doorbell and security system. The product goes on the outside of a house, where a doorbell would typically be, and features a doorbell push button with a camera above. DoorBird offers special security camera features such as live HD video with day and night vision, clear audio quality, and zoom features. A history is saved in a timeline with date and time stamps and supports up to 50 images, both visitors and motion events. There are also options for video recording and content downloads. The company consistently develops its existing products and technology in order to provide the best security system possible to the end consumer.

To install DoorBird, a user must remove their existing doorbell, reconnect the wires to the DoorBird IP Video Door Station, and connect the device to the internet router. Users receive instant alerts each time the doorbell rings and can see and talk with visitors in real-time.

The DoorBird app gives users access to all DoorBird products and can support up to eight phones or tablets free of charge. Individuals can decide which door to unlock with access to all doors and gates as well as smart locks. DoorBird also has bank-level encryption, thus making the system incredibly secure.

DoorBird Security Cameras: The Top 3 Models

DoorBird strives to offer an exclusive design along with its innovative technology. The products are made of corrosion-resistant precious metals with the idea of a straightforward, sleek, and smooth design. The product range is not as broad as some security camera companies, but that is because DoorBird specifically manufactures products to replace a household’s doorbell. The company does not offer a huge range of security products that consumers must decide between-- instead, the type of security camera is already established, it’s just a matter of which model a user is hoping for. 

The majority of the camera and system features are consistent across all models. One of the easiest ways for a consumer to decide which model to buy is to think about the space where the DoorBird product will be installed. In general, the basic model of the security camera should work for the general consumer. If homes or buildings are larger or require a slightly more complex system, DoorBird has a few options.

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1. IP Video Door Station D101


This option is DoorBird’s basic model. It comes with an HDTV camera for high-quality images and videos and a 3D motion sensor. Users can select and disable motion zones and are alerted when a visitor enters their property. The DoorBird D101 also has a night vision function and an ultra-wide angle lens with a 180-degree field of view. This model has both a speaker and microphone allowing for two-way communication and well as an echo and noise canceller.

2. IP Video Door Station D2102


Similar to the base model D101, this model has HGTV video, a wide-angle hemispheric lens, and night vision. The motion sensor on this model has 4D technology that can reach distances up to 10 m. The camera product features an automatic door buzzer, ideal for use in medical offices and other office environments. Additionally, this model features multiple call buttons, allowing multiple individuals or offices to benefit from the technology.

3. IP Video Door Station D2101KH


This model is ideal for single-family homes and commercial buildings, offering the same features as the other top DoorBird options as well as a few added elements. This model has a keypad module as well as an info module. The info module is a 3.5” illuminated screen that can be optionally fitted with a stainless steel cover.

DoorBird Security Cameras: Pricing

The most common complaint about DoorBird is the pricing. People tend to prefer cheap and reliable options. Although DoorBird offers products of outstanding quality, they are expensive. The cheapest option, and one of the top sellers, is $384 and the most expensive option is $2502. The range in price does reflect the amount of features and processing capabilities of various models, but the options are still quite expensive compared to other security camera offerings on the market. There is debate among customers on whether the quality of the product outweighs the hefty price tag. That being said, DoorBird remains innovative and responsive to customer requests, thus retaining customer interest.

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