Honeywell Security Cameras: Overview

The Honeywell portfolio is full of interesting solutions for every price range. The brand offers reliability and a good price/quality ratio.


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For the past 75 years, Honeywell has dedicated itself to taking safety seriously. As a leading global manufacturer of security solutions for both residential and commercial settings, Honeywell focuses on technology that creates “connected homes and buildings”. The company offers a complete line of Commercial Security products, access control, integrated security, intrusion, and video systems. Millions of dollars are spent annually on research and development in order to continue making products fit for the future. All of Honeywell’s products are subject to testing that exceeds industry standards for quality and performance and everything complies with internationally recognized standards that defines a quality assurance system.

Honeywell has been recognized as the “partner of choice” in the security industry. Each year, a Security Distributing and Marketing magazine reader survey ranks the company as the preferred channel partner of the industry. Reviews from customers comment on the excellent image quality of the cameras and the easy installation.

Honeywell offers a range of security products, from dome and bullet cameras to the well-known and regarded Honeywell MAXPRO NVR. All video security systems have the same goal of providing reliable identification of potential threats and keeping public spaces and the people in them safe and secure. Honeywell has four different video system series, each with slightly different features.

  • equIP Cameras: Simplified user interface with technology that makes checking the status of your system faster and easier.
  • 30 Series IP Cameras: An option to level up the safety and security of a building, with secure video encryption and a higher camera resolution.
  • Performance Series IP Cameras: Affordable surveillance options intended to meet a wide array of everyday security needs.
  • Performance Series High-Quality Analog Cameras: High performing cameras and NVRs/DVRs.

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Honeywell Security Cameras: The Top 5 Models

Honeywell’s wide portfolio of camera options aims to offer customers enough choices so they can find exactly what they are looking for. The following cameras are some of the most popular options among customers. 

1. HC30WB2R1 IP Bullet Camera


WDR IR IP is a camera in the 30 series line of 2MP and 5MP IP bullet cameras. These bullet cameras have a progressive image scanner for motion, intrusion, and people detection offering the best picture clarity. Besides flexible system integration and secure data transmission, this solution performs well in low light and is a possible outdoor camera option.

2. HDZ302DE, HDZ302D & HDZ302DIN Indoor/Outdoor IP Cameras


Honeywell’s camera and dome product line is one of the broadest and most complete in the industry. The HDZ302D line is part of a growing product line that offers PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), HD video, 30x zoom, and surveillance options both indoor or outdoor. The cameras allow for various mounting options and are suitable for large scale surveillance. Areas such as roadways, airports, schools and campuses would benefit from a Honeywell PTZ camera as they are very adaptable. The name differences highlight the use type. "IN" for indoors, E and HDZ302DE for outdoor whereas "E" stands higher temperatures.

3. HD273X Performance Series IR Minidome Camera


These dome cameras use the latest analog camera technology which deliver a noticeable improvement in picture quality. Besides being sharp and ultra-high resolution, the video images include vivid color pictures during the day and clear black and white images at night. Able to function well indoors or outdoors, this surveillance solution includes weatherproof, low light, and vandal resistant features.

4. DWDR IR IP Rugged Fisheye Camera


The fisheye camera is one of the best Honeywell outdoor camera options. The lens produces glare-free images with vivid colors and incomparable picture clarity. The simplistic design of the camera offers the widest angle of view possible for surveillance and makes the camera suitable for a range of locations. Additionally, the design allows for maximum protection against the elements whether it be dust, dirt, water, or extreme temperatures.

5. WDR ExitView IP Cameras


Focused on quality and reliability, Honeywell makes a line of discreet IP cameras designed to be a cost effective solution to loss prevention, inventory shrinkage, and robbery. This surveillance solution looks exactly like a normal height strip mounted next to a door, but instead features cameras with high picture clarity, low light performance, and remote monitoring options. The ExitView is most useful in retail locations, convenience stores, or small businesses.

Honeywell Security Cameras: Pricing

The prices of Honeywell cameras fluctuate depending on the size, type, and quality of the camera. In general, cameras range between $100 to $500, with some priced well over $1000 such as the rugged fisheye camera. The majority of Honeywell dome cameras start around $60, with some costing upwards of around $160. Bullet cameras have a larger range, tending to start around $75 and going upwards of $600.

In terms of quality and reliability the cameras have good price/quality ratio but, if you're looking for a security system that requires a lower amount of maintenance, we would suggest a camera system that can be easily integrated with the rest of the security hardware, like, for instance, the Cisco Meraki cameras.

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