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Rhombus Security Cameras: An Overview

Rhombus was founded by a group of engineers that had already worket for other IT companies. Their mission has always been to bring easy-to-use and reliable products to their consumers.


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R2 180 Fish Eye

R2 180 Fish Eye

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Having a background with enterprise IT organizations, the founding team of Rhombus noticed how difficult existing enterprise video security systems were and wondered why these systems couldn't be as easy to use as the consumer ones but powerful enough for large companies.

For this reason, Rhombus Systems was born in 2016 with its first product being cloud managed security cameras.

Today, Rhombus does not offer simple cameras but AI-powered security cameras and smart sensors. These IoT devices function seamlessly together giving customers unparalleled insights into their spaces. But it's not only that: Rhombus is an easy-to-integrate platform that can be linked to your already existing security system to get the most out of your products. Kisi already has an integration with Rhombus that you can check out at this link.

Rhombus Security Cameras: Top 5 Models

Unlike other brands, the portfolio of Rhombus focuses on offering all the features that you need in just four camera models rather than having a deep portfolio of similar products. For this reason, we're covering the whole product portfolio of Rhombus.

1. Rhombus R1

Rhombus Systems

Rhombus R1 is the "entry-level" camera of the Rhombus portfolio in terms of price tag. It is compact and very easy to install but make no mistake, the performance of this camera is still outstanding. R1 features a 4MP image sensor (image resolution is 2688x1520) with a 135-degree field of view. Despite the dimensions the camera also features a 2x PTZ and is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation (even if the indoor is suggested due to the small dimensions). R1 features, just like every other product in the portfolio, AI technology built into the camera is able to detect humans at a distance of up to 45 feet.

2. Rhombus R2

Rhombus Systems

If R1 is the entry level camera of the portfolio, R2 is the entry level "dome" camera. R2 has everything you need in your dome camera. It can be installed both indoors or outdoors, has an outstanding image resolution (2704x2104; 1080p videos) and it's powered by PoE which makes the installation fast and efficient. The field of view is 112 degrees and human detection is at 70 feet of distance.

3. Rhombus R2 L

The R2 "L" is the long range version of the Rhombus R2. The hardware specifications are almost the same, just like the dimensions of the device. The image quality is still 1080p with a 5MP image sensor and the camera can also be installed indoor and outdoor (even if, because of the long range, it makes more sense for it to be installed outdoors). The real differences come in terms of field of view (only 28 degrees instead of 112 of the standard model) and in terms of human detection range (330 feet in normal conditions and an outstanding 100 feet in low light conditions).

4. Rhombus R2 180

The R2 180 model is the fish-eye version of the R2 camera. Just like the R2 L, it has the same hardware and the same dimensions of the Rhombus R2 and the difference is mainly in the lens and in the field of view. The field of view of the Rhombus is the biggest of the Rhombus portfolio with 180 degrees compared to the 28 of the R2 L and the 112 of the standard R2. The human detection is 35 feet and the low light range is 100 feet.

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Rhombus Security Cameras: Pricing

The Rhombus cameras have one of the most competitive prices on the market if you take into account that you are not only buying a camera but a very efficient security system that comes with it. The R1 starting price is around $200-300 depending on the reseller while the R2 standard starts at $499. R2 L and R2 180 both cost $899. To these prices you have to add the cost of the cloud storage and, eventually, the cost of other hardware.

At Kisi, we believe that Rhombus is not only one of the best cameras you can find on the market but also a valuable asset for the overall security of your company. For this reason, we decided to integrate with them and offer you the ultimate security solution for your business.

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