Rhombus Security Cameras: An Overview

Rhombus was founded by a group of engineers that had already worket for other IT companies.


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R2 180 Fish Eye

R2 180 Fish Eye

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Having a background with enterprise IT organizations, the founding team of Rhombus noticed how difficult existing enterprise video security systems were and wondered why these systems couldn't be as easy to use as the consumer ones but powerful enough for large companies.

For this reason, Rhombus Systems was born in 2016 with its first product being cloud managed security cameras.

Today, Rhombus does not offer simple cameras but AI-powered security cameras and smart sensors. These IoT devices function seamlessly together giving customers unparalleled insights into their spaces. But it's not only that: Rhombus is an easy-to-integrate platform that can be linked to your already existing security system to get the most out of your products. Kisi already has an integration with Rhombus that you can check out at this link.

Rhombus Security Cameras: Top 5 Models

Unlike other brands, the portfolio of Rhombus focuses on offering all the features that you need in just four camera models rather than having a deep portfolio of similar products. For this reason, we're covering the whole product portfolio of Rhombus.

1. Rhombus R100

Rhombus R100 camera

The Rhombus R100 is the "entry-level" camera of the Rhombus portfolio in terms of price tag, but make no mistake, the performance of this camera is outstanding. R100 features a 2MP image sensor with a 96-degree field of view. The camera is fully weatherproof, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Like every camera offered by Rhombus, the R100 has AI technology built into the camera that will monitor all events and send real-time alerts to any device.

2. Rhombus R2

Rhombus Systems

If R100 is the entry-level camera of the portfolio, R2 is the next step up. It can be installed both indoors or outdoors, has an outstanding image resolution (up to 5 MP) and up to 180 days of on-camera storage. The field of view is 112 degrees and human detection is at 70 feet of distance. Built for versatility, the R2 comes standard with infrared night vision and a weatherproof design perfect for any environment.

Rhombus R2-180

R2-180 camera view
View from the Rhombus R2-180 camera (source: Rhombus Cameras)

The Rhombus R2-180 delivers 180° views in a versatile mini-dome form factor. Powered by a quad-core processor, the R2-180 features full HD recording, up to 180 days of on-camera storage, and advanced edge processing for smarter object recognition. Built for versatility, the R2-180 comes standard with infrared night vision and a weatherproof design perfect for any environment.

Rhombus R360

R360 vs R2-180 Rhombus
R360 vs. R2-180

The R360 can capture 360-degree views, limiting the number of cameras you’ll need to install. This camera features a 12MP image sensor, and it can be installed indoors and outdoors. With up to six views possible with this camera and 9MP resolution, it’s an obvious choice for monitoring larger areas, especially with Rhombus’s live streaming access via their mobile app.

Rhombus R400

R400 Rhombus camera
Side view of the Rhombus R400 camera

The R400 is Rhombus’s enterprise-grade camera offering, with an 8MP image sensor and ultra-HD, 4K viewing resolution. With this camera, not only do you get a 115-degree field of view, but you also have the ability to adjust camera views in real-time and zoom in on events for maximum security. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors and will function even in harsh weather conditions.

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Connect Access Control to Video Surveillance

Rhombus Security Cameras: Pricing

The Rhombus cameras have one of the most competitive prices on the market if you take into account that you are not only buying a camera but a very efficient security system that comes with it. The R100 starting price is around $200-300 depending on the reseller while the R2 standard starts at $499. Then moving to the premium models, the R2-180 starts at $899, and the R360 and R400 are both listed as $1,199. To these prices, you have to add the cost of the cloud storage and, eventually, the cost of other hardware.

At Kisi, we believe that Rhombus is not only one of the best cameras you can find on the market but also a valuable asset for the overall security of your company. For this reason, we decided to integrate with them and offer you the ultimate security solution for your business.

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