Rhombus Systems

Kisi + Rhombus Camera Integration

Each time a security-relevant door event is recorded on the Kisi platform, it will download video clips from your Rhombus camera on and around the timestamp of the event. These snapshots can be viewed on the Rhombus dashboard.

Rhombus Systems
Rhombus Systems

Purpose of Integration

Admins can map Rhombus cameras to specific doors to easily review security-critical snapshots that correspond to Kisi door events.


  • Video clips that correspond to Kisi unlock, held-open and forced-open door events
  • Unauthorized badge alerts: Alerts occur when badges do not match the user—the admin will be notified via push notification or email that someone used a badge to access the space that does not match their facial recognition profile
Rhombus Systems


  • Rhombus camera hardware and account
  • Kisi account

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