OpenEye Security Cameras: Overview

With 19 different types of cameras available, OpenEye is one of the most customizable and accessible brands on this list.


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OpenEye Security Camera System

With 19 different types of cameras available, OpenEye is one of the most customizable and accessible brands on this list. The company’s cameras can be configured for nearly any environment, including both indoor and outdoor spaces, so many different kinds of facilities can use them. However, they appear to be most effective in mid-sized spaces like grocery stores, restaurants, and other structures with plenty of nooks and crannies. Its clients include Allied Fire & Security, WinCo Foods and Hardee’s. They’re also easy to integrate with plenty of services, including Okta, DMP and Hanwha Techwin.


OpenEye cameras range in resolution from 2MP to 12MP, and they come for areas both small and large. There are several models of mini-dome cameras, each with their own specialties, for areas that require less stringent monitoring. On the higher end, OpenEye offers 360-degree fisheye cameras and even a 4K bullet camera that works outside. Their claim to fame is a self-described system of “heroic” customer service, and most everyone online describes having a positive experience, although a few Facebook reviewers describe waiting on hold for up to 45 minutes.

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OpenEye: The Top 5 Cameras

In view of the high number of cameras offered, it might be useful to focus on what we think are the most versatile models that you can use for your business. Here’s the list:

1. 3MP Indoor IP Mini Dome Camera (OE-C6413-AWR)


Let’s start with what we think is one of the best OpenEye cameras. This model combines high performance with a small and versatile design. It is easy to install (small dimensions and PoE Input) and it does not sacrifice a high-quality image resolution (3MP). The camera, studied for indoor, has a filter for night and low lights conditions.

The distance of the IR illuminator is not reported by the website.

2. 4MP Outdoor Mini Bullet IP Camera (OE-C7044-WR)


If the OE-C6413-AWR works ideally in outdoor situations, the OE-C7044-WR can’t say the same. This camera, differing from the previous one, not only features a different design (bullet vs. dome) but also has specific outdoor features such as better temperature resistance (stands climates ranging from -31 to 140 °F (-35 to 60 °C) and is waterproof.

This camera also has a better image resolution with its 4MP. Everything comes with the standard OpenEye “True Day/Night” filter for improved performance in low lights conditions.

3. 4MP High Resolution Indoor IP Dome Camera (OE-C6614-AWR)


Quality is the keyword for the OE-C6614-AWR camera. This specific model focuses particularly on the quality of the image that is, in fact, outstanding. The camera, studied for indoor, has a 4MP Max resolution and comes with a P-IRIS system that allows the camera not only to auto-regulate the iris based on the amount of light but it does so by regulating the internal settings of the camera such as gain and exposure. This allows the camera to have the maximum possible resolution based on the environmental conditions of the room and the amount of light involved.

The camera also features a slightly wider field of view (FoW) compared to the OE-C6413-AWR model (109° vs 99°).

4. 4k Ultra High-definition Outdoor IP Bullet (OE-C7098-AWR)


After analyzing the best indoor camera, here’s the best outdoor camera of the whole OpenEye portfolio. The OE-C7098-AWR comes in both 4MP and 4K versions. The camera has the standard Auto-Focus lens and works great in high-contrast situations as well as in low lights.

Being an outdoor camera, it is equipped with waterproof features and can stand extreme weather conditions (-31 to 140 °F ~ -35 to 60 °C).

5. 3MP HD True Day/Night 30x IP PTZ Dome Camera (OE-C8213)


The OE-C8213 is a very unusual camera for businesses. It allows a continuous 360 degrees monitoring of environments and it is a model that manufacturers do not offer very often. However, this camera proves to be very effective in case you need to live monitor some environments.

It comes with the standard True WDR and True Day/Night features, which make it very effective in low light conditions and features more outdoor specifications than the bullet models. It has, in fact, an additional focus on being vandal resistant and it stands even colder temperatures than the other outdoor cameras listed previously (up to -40°F or -40°C). The image resolution is 3MP.

OpenEye Cameras: Pricing

Despite the good quality of the products, the price of OpenEye cameras is not one of the highest. You can find some used OpenEye cameras on the market for less than $100 dollars but we suggest to always be very careful. New products range from $200 to more than $600 in some cases.

Though OpenEye is not our top choice (we would recommend Meraki for a more complete security solution), the OpenEye products are fairly good quality for a lower price.

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