Nest Security Cameras: Overview

Nest has started with the intention of being the ultimate smart home solution for every consumer.


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NEST Cam IQ Outdoor (NC4100)

NEST Cam IQ Outdoor (NC4100)

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3840 x 2160

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Nest security cameras are popular options among consumers. They feature 24/7 live video, high resolution, and night vision. Nest Cams also utilize smart technology that sends users alerts through their phone. The cameras are capable of distinguishing between a person and a thing or animal. All cameras also feature a talk function where users can either speak to scare off intruders, or have a conversation with whoever is at the door. The cameras all feature a three hour snapshot history so that individuals can look back at footage if needed. Many security cameras will claim they have HD quality picture images, but plastic lenses or sensors end up decreasing the quality of the image. This is not an issue with Nest Cams, as they have all-glass lens to provide 1080p HD image quality at any time of day.

The camera installation process is fairly simple. Users must first find a location that will capture the correct video surveillance coverage a business is looking for and has WiFi capabilities. While some nest wireless security cameras exist, some are not and thus require a user to think about the path of the cable cord. The power cord is 25 feet long and must be plugged into either an outdoor outlet or a light socket adapter so that the camera can stream video 24/7 and send alerts to the user’s phone. Once the power cord and wall plate are in place and secure, the camera can be mounted. Upon checking that everything is clipped in properly, the Nest Cam is ready for use.

Top 3 Nest Security Camera Models

1. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (NC4100)


Nest Cam’s IQ outdoor security camera is a popular option among consumers. If the camera will be outdoors, a shady spot is ideal. If the camera is in the sun, it will heat up and there will be glare on the image. The Nest Cam IQ can detect a person up to 50 feet away and alert the system owner of the motion with a photograph of the individual the camera detected. This camera even has a feature called Nest Cam Aware which allows the camera to recognize familiar faces. Other features include a zoom capability of 12x well retaining a clear image and close-up tracking options which are activated when the camera senses movement and special algorithms zoom in to follow the action. In terms of plugging the camera in, people can either drill a hole in the wall and plug the camera in, an option that ensures a locked mount and all day and night security.

2. Nest Cam Outdoor (NC2100)


A different outdoor option, the Nest Cam Outdoor, also exists. A key feature of the camera is that it provides a 130 degree wide angle view. There is also a 8x zoom that allows for more detailed images. Nest encrypts all video connections, ensuring that video or pictures are kept secure. If plugging in the camera is too much of a hassle, it’s possible to still have an outdoor camera like this by using an outdoor socket and a weatherproof power adapter. The camera can easily be installed by a user or a Nest Pro employee.

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3. Nest Cam IQ Indoor (NC1102)


This camera is the indoor version of Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, thus has many of the same features. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor can differentiate people from things, quickly send alerts to phones or devices, and has both talk/listen features and face alert technology that can detect familiar people versus strangers. This is a feature that comes with the Nest Aware option, which also lets a user set up the camera and app to record up to 30 days of video. Anyone with the app and login credentials can search through the login history for whatever they are looking to find. The camera has what Nest calls “supersight” which is essentially a combination of a 4K sensor, 1080p HD, and close up tracking features. Whether a room is fully lit, low light, or completely dark, this indoor Nest Cam IQ is capable of illuminating the room to provide a crisp image.

Nest Security Camera Pricing

Compared to other security cameras of comparable performance and quality, Nest’s cameras are reasonably priced. The base versions of the Nest Cam, both indoor and outdoor, start at $199. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor starts at $299 and the Outdoor version is $100 more.

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