Review Created:
June 10, 2019
Avigilon Security Camera Systems

Avigilon Security Camera System Overview

Despite a somewhat confusingly spelled name, Avigilon is a simple solution to security. Owned by Motorola, the company brings a huge amount of technical expertise to the table, which makes achieving total security much easier. Between 14 different models of cameras, there’s something for any type of space, and multiple cameras can be combined in one network. Avigilon products work best when given a great deal of space to monitor — think banks, airports and casinos, which all attract a great deal of people and require more security than a typical business might. The company’s customer list is impressive, including King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, the San Diego Metro Transit System and Target Field.

Video Security Products by Avigilon

It’s clear that some of the biggest, busiest facilities in the world rely on Avigilon. However, your space doesn’t need to be massive to be a good candidate for the company’s cameras. Restaurant chains like Mama’s on the Half Shell in Baltimore and retail spaces like a Tel Aviv Rolex store have also successfully implemented Avigilon devices. Each of the company’s cameras shoots in HD, and budget and space requirements help to make the selection process a little more simple. Smaller models like the H4A Bullet and the H4A Box are ideal for small spaces, while larger units like the H4 Multisensor offer up to 360-degree coverage over huge areas. Specialty cameras fill in blanks that other security providers might not be able to cover, including thermal cameras that work in total darkness and license plate capture cameras.

Combining Avigilon technology with access control is both simple and effective. The cameras easily connect with Avigilon’s proprietary access control software, which allows system administrators to more easily monitor who they allow inside. However, Avigilon’s access control is entirely browser-based, and spaces that would like to use card readers and other hardware could be left without their desired security measures. Thankfully, Avigilon also integrates with Kisi’s access control software and hardware, which makes security much easier to control. Using the two companies in tandem allows users to monitor user activity, verify cardholder identity and monitor for motion and sound. In huge spaces with plenty of assets to protect, it’s crucial that access points are protected by both locks and cameras, which can be done quickly and effectively with Kisi and Avigilon.