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  • Before Kisi

  • Employees constantly lost or misplaced badge cards and fobs

  • Old employees would need to be off-boarded and access credentials had to be revoked

  • Couldn’t scale access control to multiple locations, especially abroad, or control from one birds-eye view

  • After

  • Seamless access between office locations, including abroad

  • Admin control for 100+ locations from one cloud-based dashboard

  • Real-time audit trails

Enjoy works with the largest technology companies in the world, sending its ‘Experts’ to help people set up the technology that powers their lives. Kisi was installed at Enjoy’s Menlo Park, California headquarters and has now scaled with the company to over 100 offices in North America, Europe and the U.K. Kisi allows Enjoy to effortlessly scale, onboard new international employees, and keep their tech inventory secure—all from one mobile dashboard. We spoke with Peter Paychev, IT Field Systems Lead, about how Enjoy uses Kisi.

How does Kisi simplify your day?

The Kisi team is super responsive and being able to access them like that is a big help for us. The price and the product is compact and it’s all easy to use—especially blending G Suite. We have about 1,200 doors total at our locations, but we don’t install any readers on the doors because it keeps our installation costs down. We’re getting Kisi installed in the U.K. now and we love it.

Enjoy-Kisi case study
Enjoy office in Palo Alto, CA

What system were you using for access control before Kisi?

We used to use physical access cards, run by Stanley Security. Since we were scaling we wanted to find a solution to manage all of our locations. Kisi works from the phone and since we issue all of our employees a company cell phone it seemed like the perfect solution. We pilot tested it at our Menlo Park, California office.

How many different access levels do you have?

We have 4 access levels—general public, managers and senior managers, and admin.

How was the rollout?

It took a lot of training, because no one likes change. We installed Kisi but kept both the previous system and Kisi running at the same time. Prior to issuing Kisi credentials to everyone we sent out multiple communications on how to use it, best practices, and gave multiple rundowns so people would know what to expect on the day we started it. After keeping both systems running simultaneously we did a hard launch and turned off our old system one day—it forced everyone to begin using Kisi if they weren't already.

From an IT perspective why did you go with Kisi? What other systems were you considering?

One key feature is the Google organization unit integration, that’s huge for us! It means we can create and manage Kisi members and access levels within a system we already use; having that admin portal and a direct integration with Wink, for one-time requests, lets visitors go through our approval chain and pass through Kisi so we know exactly what’s going on at all locations.

Our biggest issue before we switched to Kisi was disabling keycards and making new ones. HID cards are $5-6 per piece and because we have so many remote sites we needed a local admin. At other locations some of our field employees are managers but we don’t want people at that site to have the ability to change, create or disable keycards, that’s a huge security risk so Kisi solved it for us. It allows us to have centralized control and make changes remotely while monitoring everything in the logs and dashboard.

How does Kisi enable you to scale to new locations?

We incorporated it with our new site openings around the world and there's always an IT person there; that person basically helps all our installers around the world learn about Kisi and set it up. We became experts on Kisi first and then we were there to help locksmiths in other countries learn it. Since our employees at those locations didn’t know any different system it was very easy to roll out.

Join Enjoy in Using Kisi

With Kisi, Enjoy scaled to 56 locations around the world with remote control for admins.

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