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Zipari | HIPAA Compliant Access Control

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  • Before Kisi

  • Employees constantly losing keys became difficult to manage

  • Brivo was 3x more expensive than Kisi to provision and required an extra server

  • Difficult to track who was coming in and out

  • After

  • Onboarding new employees is as simple as downloading an app

  • Hyper-regulated HIPAA compliance with access control logs

  • Kisi worked with current door hardware

Zipari builds CX software for the healthcare vertical and frontend member portals. They’ve been using Kisi since November 2016.

How many locations, doors and employees do you have using Kisi at Zipari?

We have one location in Brooklyn and Kisi is hooked up to our one main door. There are 105 employees.

Why did you start using Kisi?

Our office genius got an email from Kisi and when we were moving offices we were looking at technology for egress and ingress.

We’re a hyper-regulated company and have to keep track of who comes in and out. The doors must be locked at all times and we can only allow approved personnel to enter. Access logs are what help us out and they’re very important for us. Aside from that, people were losing their key fobs all the time and it became something I didn’t want to manage. Most people have a phone that they keep with them at all times, and the chance of a person losing their smartphone (as opposed to a key or fob) is less than one percent.

Did you consider other solutions for access control or industry stipulations?

I considered biometric ingress systems and I was originally using Brivo, because they ‘partner’ with ADT; but Brivo is not a full stack solution. And a biometric option needed me to install a window server, it would be part of the server architecture and it’s an extra step to scan fingerprints. A lot of people didn’t want to do that. Brivo didn’t have the same cloud version as Kisi, rather it was a managed cloud version with a provision. Brivo’s product is also 3x more expensive than Kisi would be and for all that work it didn’t seem worth it for something that costs more. Kisi was able to use the current mag stripes that we already had in the door, whereas Brivo would have to come in and install a whole new thing. They could leverage the ADT infrastructure but that was it.

What does Kisi help you with most?

There are a lot of benefits from my side for using Kisi, but the most important thing is that there’s less hand holding with people that I sign up to use it. Setting it up is as easy as downloading any other app. It’s much less than provisioning a key. We’ve had no complaints about the employee onboarding process for Kisi.

Do you use other integrations with Kisi?

I use door timers with vendors and I set that up with the Google calendar integration. We use Envoy for visitor sign in and regulation. We store those logs with Kisi.

Join Zipari in Using Kisi

With Kisi, Zipari can regulate and track who enters its facility for HIPAA compliance.

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