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We proudly present you an entirely re-imagined office unlock experience using Android technology.

Our simple premise was to design the most intuitive - yet fastest and robust mobile access technology in just 3 months. When we started planning around September it felt like a huge rock to roll up a hill but working with an amazing team we got it done just in time for 2018!

Since we re-designed everything in this App, we'll just highlight a few major updates - for the full experience you might want to try yourself. Here we go:

  • The App is customizable according to a company's brand - upload the company logo and done! See example image below.
  • Faster unlocking - we've done quite a bit of user studies to find the ideal unlock design - just swipe and go in. No need to start thinking.
  • Manage your access card like credit cards in Apple Pay: You can manage your own Kisi Passes from the App to always stay in control of your access methods - a feeling you might be much used to from credit cards.
  • And finally: The phone can be offline. Your Android phone won't need an active internet connection to unlock the door with the Kisi Pro Reader. The App does not have to be open and you can just hold your phone to the reader to "tap to unlock" how we call it - and unlock. Magic!

It's literally the most advanced mobile technology in the physical security space. Critics (aka our customers) described the result as “magnificent”, “futuristic” or even “flawless" - here a few impressions - even better: If you are on Android just download it here.

mobile door app
Kisi Mobile Access App

Here a screenshot of a branded view of the App:

Mobile Door App
Branded mobile access app

Stay tuned for more updates shortly. Q1 will be a great time!

Greetings from Brooklyn!

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