QR Codes in Access Control Entry Systems

Learn more about the use of QR codes to grant access to certain resources within an office

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QR code systems are a growing access control method used within businesses, no matter their size, purpose or industry. The cost-efficiency of these QR codes, as well as their minimalist design, make them a simple and effective security tool for every business. They are very easy to use as all you need is your mobile phone or access card with the QR code and the QR code reader.

What Are QR Code Access Control Systems?

Access control systems come in many shapes and forms including, plastic ID cards, biometric scans, security codes, and mantraps. QR code access control systems are simple, quick, and accurate - making them one of the more efficient systems to use.

By scanning a QR code, certain resources are made available within the office space. These codes help regulate visitors and keep track of what resources are being used within the facility.

In addition to this, these codes can also be used for QR building access. They are able to link up with gates and doors in order to determine which QR code holders can enter which facilities. This is particularly helpful in restricting visitors to certain areas of the businesses. QR building access is great for maintaining order and flow within the workspace.

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How does the QR work with Access Control?

These control systems operate with a QR code reader. After receiving a QR code, you can scan it on the reader and it will grant you access to the building or certain resources.

After scanning the QR code, the reader sends the unique data captured in the code to the service provider. If the data in the code links up with the QR code reader’s data, it grants access to the individual who scanned the code.

This allows for a more secure and controlled environment, as building access is only granted when the security precautions are met by the service provider.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

QR code access control systems are cost-effective to install as well as to maintain. Its minimal use of devices makes it not only more cost-efficient but lessens its carbon footprint as there is no need to print lots of plastic cards for each employee, as done traditionally with the identification card access control systems.

In addition to this, it works quickly and accurately, allowing the business more control over the flow of people and office resource management. People can be restricted to certain areas of the business allowing more order in the workplace.

Moreover, because it’s done through mobile devices, the system is on hand and easy to use.

However, there are still some disadvantages. Due to the fact that the QR code is often not registered to a specific person, people can send or share the code, which limits security. Additionally, if the business does not regularly monitor their QR codes, it is easy for hackers to replace the code with QR codes that are encrypted with viruses.

Furthermore, people may be unfamiliar with how to use QR codes and struggle to implement it into the new office environment. Companies can facilitate workshops to educate employees on how the system works in order to avoid any confusion. This will also teach them how to help visitors who may struggle with the system.

Despite being a newer access control system, the QR security system works quickly and efficiently. It helps to manage large groups that visit the building and controls access to resources. By regularly updating and monitoring these QR code access control systems, the business can ensure a safe and efficient environment for all the employees.

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