While every organization needs access control, not every access control solution fits the needs of an organization. Far from being one-size-fits-all, access control solutions are tailored to the security needs of each type of organization. For example, access control for a school campus will differ vastly from that of a datacenter. 

We’ve rounded up the major categories which your organization might fall into, and broken down the specific type of security measure and access control you should undertake based on your industry-specific needs. 


Building Security System

Building Security System

Complex security systems combine a number of different functions and allow to reduce costs associated with property guarding or hiring door supervisors. Let us have a look at types of security systems and their application in various types of buildings.

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Campus Safety and Security

campus safety and security

Security for school campuses is a big concern with bomb threats, and mass shootings becoming more and more frequent. To prevent a tragic event from happening, it is important that the school security has a plan to guide the university staff and the students. 

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Datacenter Security Policy

DataCenter Security Policy

As the scope of company operations on the Internet expands, so do datacenters become more concerned in setting security measures to guarantee business continuity, information security, standardization and automation of the company services. This makes protecting datacenters against unwanted access even more important.

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Hospital Security

hospital security

Due to the specialised services of being open 24/7 for a large number of people in need of urgent or long term care, hospitals must pay special attention to how they keep the premises, the people and the equipment safe.

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Lab Security

lab security

Universities, research organizations, healthcare institutes and many other sectors use different kinds of laboratories for the research and development (R&D) and health diagnosis purposes. Thus, it is imperative to have a robust lab security setup for the smooth and uninterrupted operations.

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Perimeter Security

perimeter security

The key purpose of perimeter security is to prevent intrusion and keep people from leaving the property. These days, boundaries can be protected with the help of security fencing, perimeter alarm, various sensors and detectors that enable high level of perimeter protection.

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Plant Security

power plants

Power plants are strategic and pivotal resources. Given their importance, power plants will have to address multiple concerns presented by the both members of the public and the government authorities. Read on to find out how to improve security for plants.

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Warehouse Security

warehouse security

Warehouse security is the most critical aspect of any modern businesses dealing with the products. Any threat to the warehouse security can lead to huge damage to the warehouse owner company. To avert any theft or vandalism, strong security measures for warehouse should always be taken.

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Startup Security

startup security

Enough risks accompany startups by the nature of things. By not dedicating some thought to the initial security planning for startups business managers create an additional layer of risk. That is something you definitely don’t need for your own startup, especially if you want to scale it up down the line and make it an attractive sale option.

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Apartment Security Systems

apartment security

Majority of the renters come from a standpoint that their apartment security system is not a part of their responsibility as renters. Following this assumption, renters oversee important reasons of why it is important for them to consider installing security systems for apartments and to protect their personal living space. However, this is grossly wrong to think so -- read on to find out why.

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Real Estate Security

real estate security

Part of facility management, security for real estate is one of the property manager’s key roles. When one manages a real estate building, not only is one responsible for the quality of its life before the tenants, but also having a legal obligation to help them stay safe and protected.

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