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Access control installation: here are the basics you should know first.

What are the various considerations one should take into account before installation?

The main considerations for a useful access control installation are given below:

Objectives: The purpose installing your access control system should be very much clear based the security level that you require for your installation. For instance, high value assets like servers, communication equipments and mission critical data should be safeguarded robustly at every entry, exit, window and any other opening from where the high value assets can be compromised.

System Type: This is a very important factor in which the user should have a complete assessment of the system so that he/she can achieve the objective of security systems. For example, should it be standalone, integrated, mobile based, cloud based any other customized solution.

Authentication Type: Choosing the most powerful and most suitable types of authentication – biometric, key fobs, electromagnetic cards, keypads, touch screen or combination of two or more – is a big factor to consider for a good access control installation. Powerful authentication like biometric should be used for high security assets.    

Devices: Choosing the right device is very crucial factor of a good buyers guide consideration. A professional level assessment of the features and capabilities of the locking system, controllers and card readers should be done to choose the most suitable and robust devices available in the marketplace.  

Technology: Based on system assessment and security objectives, you need to choose the best technology suitable for your access control system. You have multiple options to choose from in terms of technologies such as, cloud-based access through IoT model, mobile-based access, wired or wireless connectivity to nodes and servers in the cloud or any combination of multiple technologies.

Cost: Last but not the least – cost is very critical component to consider for a good access control system installation. You should not invest more for securing less valuable assets and should not invest less for high value assets. Always, be prudent in spending!

How does a typical installation process look like?

access control installation
Map of how access control is connected

How to install access control systems?

A typical process should be based upon pre-assessed and pre-planned methodology, which may go as given below:

  • Unpack the required access control system equipment and accessories
  • Install pathways, ducts, closets and terminals of cabling
  • Lay the cables, if wired technology is used otherwise install the wireless routers at the designated points
  • Install door locks and door readers at every door
  • Install sensors at the planned points
  • Install main controller at the central point and connect through wires or wirelessly
  • Connect the power cables, if not using PoE system
  • Hand over the installation to the configuration engineer after physical power on testing
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