Commercial building security systems

Comprehensive security systems reduce building security costs. Explore security system types and their application in different building types.

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Where should building security systems be implemented?

Security systems are indispensable to any type of building. They provide consistency in business operations and keep tangible assets, intellectual property, and people safe.

Commercial properties, like airports, retail shops, industrial enterprises, financial and governmental institutions, schools, medical facilities, power, oil and gas companies, as well as residential complexes, require a unique set of safety and security measures because each type of property is vulnerable to different hazards.

For example, an owner of a retail shop is predominantly concerned about such threats as shoplifting, fraud, embezzlement, and pilferage. A government agency places value on the security of classified information. A manager of a condo makes sure that his tenants are protected against crime and that facilities don’t fall victim to vandalism.

Still, there are some common building security threats. All property owners need to take the necessary precautions to avoid such threats as unauthorized access, fire, accidents, or other situations that pose a hazard to human life.

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To minimize the threats, all building security systems aim to implement a general set of security measures. For instance, all commercial buildings will enhance their security by deploying an all-in-one building access solution like Kisi.

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Building security systems in different types of properties

As mentioned above, no security system is the same. Apartment building security systems will differ from security systems for commercial buildings because security objectives are different for each type of facility.

In the majority of cases, a security system for a commercial building presents a more comprehensive solution than typical apartment building security systems and comprises:

  • Access control system (preferably one specialized in commercial access control)
  • Perimeter security CCTV
  • Various sensors and detectors, such as infrared, microwave, or laser sensors
  • Intrusion detection and alarms
  • Fire detection system
  • Fire extinguisher system

All-in-one access security solutions, like Kisi, integrate all elements into a comprehensive security solution offering greater flexibility, scalability, and control.

Now let’s consider apartment building security systems. To foster a secure living environment for tenants, owners of residential properties install security cameras in corridors and elevators, apply key card systems that enable access to facilities, and implement entry door intercoms. Some property owners also employ professional security guards.

As you can see, both residential and commercial buildings partially apply the same security tools, like access control, CCTV monitoring, and intrusion detection, to better protect their people and spaces.

An image of a person taping their mobile phone to a Kisi access control reader to unlock a door

How to establish a building security system?

Begin with assessing your potential security risks, zeroing in on the type of building you’re running and the industry-specific risks it evokes.

Define the priority for the security system implementation for your organization. For instance, maybe you should start with the access control, then move on to cameras, alarms, and so on.

Ask yourself whether you need an integrated security system or can get by with standalone systems.

Developing a proprietary security system is rarely the case nowadays since most modern companies go for cloud-based security systems. These solutions are centralized, managed remotely, integrate with other security elements, and decrease maintenance efforts due to constant over-the-air updates.

You can also hire a specialized Managed Service Provider (MSP) to safeguard your business against possible threats. Focus on finding a reputable security company to entrust your property’s safety.

To sum it up, whether you are interested in a security system for a commercial building or are choosing among some apartment building security systems available in the market, consider the different security elements and their interconnectedness. By deploying a comprehensive security system, you can rest assured that your property is safeguarded at various levels, which cannot be achieved by simply hiring a door supervisor.

Even if you already have a security system in place, you need to make sure it’s perfectly functioning and supports your building’s security needs. To ensure security and streamline operations consider upgrading your existing system to the cloud.

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