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The access control features of Johnson Controls fulfill four general purposes: commercial fire detection and alarms, emergency mass notification, business video surveillance and intelligent network controller solutions.

Johnson Controls P2000 includes the following services:

  • Access control. Standard door locks, turnstiles, and gates.
  • Building automation: Metasys integration lowers overall costs and improves efficiency. P2000 and Metasys share information to detect occupied areas and adjust resources.
  • Elevator control. Car and floor access control for several manufacturers.
  • Intercom. Communicate with staff and occupants.
  • Fire and life safety interface. Fire and life safety systems monitor P2000 alarms.
  • Video security. Video integration and alarm sharing compatible with several vendors.
  • Intrusion detection. Works withdetection systems and sensors, for instance, glass break and motion detectors.
  • Intuitive user interface. Web-based and a collection of mobile apps.
  • Hardware support. P2000 works with external physical access control solutions and with the Authentic Mercury CKM-EP made by the company itself. It can be integrated with HID Edge EVO Access Controllers and intelligent lock systems from Assa Abloy and Stanley.
  • Identity and cardholder management.
  • Identity information management
  • Access privilege management
  • Compliance management
  • Video badging
  • Alarm and event management.
  • Policy enforcement
  • Alarm handling
  • Situational awareness
  • Incident management

Mobile Access Control Component

Johnson Controls access control includes three mobile apps, compatible with Android and iOS phones. The mobile apps include the following capabilities:

  • View and respond to alarms on the go.
  • All-alarm view or filtered-alarm view.
  • Single door or group door view.
  • Door control away from the desk.
  • Time-limited locking and unlock of doors.
  • Custom named doors and favorite door lists
  • ID Viewer app allows cardholder or door activity view of denied and granted access.

Types of Organisations Suited for Johnson Controls

P2000 is suited for multi-tenant sites (for example, large apartment buildings or facility management services of multi-office buildings) where the advanced permissions of P2000 enable independent access control of the separate sites, without affecting the use of other tenants in the system.

The system is effective for cloud-based central access control, where one organized location can have the overview and manage locations according to a geo-located map.

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