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Salto access control pricing

Salto Locks: Access Control Review and Pricing

Company Overview

SALTO is a company that focuses only on access control. Founded in 2001, it’s a digital-first security solutions provider that caters specifically to the hospitality industry, but can be used in other applications as well, both for businesses and individuals. SALTO’s systems work through on-site servers that allow cardholders to use their phones as access badges.

SALTO needs a multitude of different local solutions ranging from ZigBee to SVN servers.

Many modern companies operate entirely in the cloud, which ensures that there should be no need for the doors at your office to operate differently than your computers. SALTO, because of its need for local servers, is not an entirely cloud-based solution.

SALTO Hardware‍

SALTO access control solutions include the following range of products, which can be used on an individual basis or as part of a larger system:

  • Door handles and locks
  • Door strikes
  • Wall readers
  • Card readers, both single- and double-sided
  • Panic devices
  • RFID badges

Their range emphasizes a move beyond traditional locks and keys, and all of their products are designed to be part of a digital access control system, unlike some other companies. They also offer locks that differ by country, including variations for Australia, Scandinavia, and the UK.

Major Features

‍SALTO's locks are based on SALTO's own communication standard. As companies grow, it's important to stay flexible in terms of what locks to use, as there might be different countries or situations that require different solutions. In other words, the company’s products can only be easily used with other SALTO devices, making expansion somewhat difficult if products from other providers are required. SALTO requires you to use their proprietary locks.

As your company expands, you should invest in a future-proof system and to rely on a vendor that is always improving its product offerings and line. SALTO’s innovations come in the form of new locks, which can be both a blessing and a curse — there are only so many options, but the company is at least invested in making sure that its offerings are well-rounded and ideal for today’s businesses.

While computers are managed through SALTO ProAccess SPACE management software, mobile credentials are available for anyone with a smartphone. The end user decides how to receive a key, either as a JustIN Mobile digital key or as a physical key card. In a hotel, for example, this can be a powerful tool. The mobile solution also allows access rights extensions and access rights changes to system administrators instantly and remotely. This app works on both iOS and Android smartphone devices. This gives the possibility to users to receive their keys online, anytime and anywhere. Even better, smartphone authentication technology, which is the tech that verifies a mobile user’s identity can be based on PIN or even fingerprints.

Advantages of SALTO

  • Included user credentials: There’s no need for vulnerable HID readers, which could compromise your system’s safety. Instead, user credentials are already part of the setup.
  • Mobile use: Cardholders are able to use their phones as access keys with many of SALTO’s products, cutting down on unnecessary physical cards or badges and emphasizing ease of entry.
  • European emphasis: If your facility or business is located in Europe, you’re more likely to be a SALTO customer. Most of their clients are from the continent, meaning that the company’s business hours and language skills are more in line with European needs.
  • Mobile app: JustIN Mobile allows cardholders to easily present their smartphones as badges, increasing efficiency in places like hotels.

Disadvantages of SALTO

  • Local servers: Unlike true cloud-based systems, SALTO’s hardware requires local servers to be able to run properly, increasing the cost and difficulty of installation and maintenance.
  • Proprietary software: By running on their own set of protocols, SALTO products essentially require other SALTO products to work correctly, which can be a drawback for businesses that plan to expand or need equipment outside of the existing offerings.
  • Difficult pricing: SALTO offers no prices on its website, instead prompting users to call for a quote. This can draw out the process of buying their hardware, cutting down on efficiency for spaces that need quicker solutions.

Looking for an alternative to Salto locks? 

 Here's a comparison between Salto and more modern cloud-based access control systems:

1. Need for on-premise: 

salto locks system
‍Salto needs a multitude of different local solutions ranging from ZigBee to SVN servers.

Most modern companies operate entirely in the cloud, so there should be no need for the doors at your office to operate differently than your computers.The problem with Salto is that it's not a cloud solution.

Salto's enterprise system works with an on-premise server. Salto needs a multitude of different local solutions ranging from ZigBee to SVN servers. 

Kisi's enterprise system starts with one unit and can be scaled up seamlessly. Kisi's system is truly online, controlled by the cloud and can be updated from anywhere. Click here to see how it works.

 2. Locked in to only one type of lock: 

salto key system
‍Salto's lock is based on Salto's communication standard

As companies grow it's important to stay flexible in terms of what locks to use, there might be different countries or situation that require different solutions. 

Salto requires you to use their proprietary locks. Salto's lock is based on Salto's communication standard.

Kisi works with any lock that is electronically connected so it's vendor neutral. 

3. Is Salto future proof?

salto door locks

As your company grows you need a future-proof system and to rely on a vendor that is always improving its product offering.

For Salto innovation means a new lock

For Kisi innovation means enabling new seamless and secure experiences in spaces using modern technology that includes mobile, IoT and the cloud. Kisi now offers offline functionality as well.

Looking for an alternative?

Kisi's Cloud Based Physical Access Control System operates purely in the cloud, making it easy to set up and highly scalable as you expand.

Admins are able to easily establish granular controls with group, user and time-based restrictions -- just to name a few. End users have a range of unlocking options, including mobile apps available on Android and iOS, key cards and fobs.


The SALTO system is a great option for a variety of situations, especially when used in multi-lock environments with many access points, like hotels. Like many other major access control manufacturers, however, finding a pricing list for SALTO locks online is not easy and means that many facilities will ultimately have to rely on a custom quote. It’s easy to use the brand’s products with mobile phones as keys, but all of SALTO’s hardware must run on the brand’s own proprietary protocol, which also requires on-site servers.

If you are looking for an alternative to Salto, see how Kisi works here. While we do provide advantageous custom quotes for companies with specific needs, we also provide an overview of our simple pricing model. For further information about access control costs you can take a look at our article on access control systems installation costs.