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September 27, 2017
Salto access control pricing

Looking for an alternative to Salto locks? 

 Here's a comparison between Salto and more modern cloud-based access control systems:

1. Need for on-premise: 

salto locks system
‍Salto needs a multitude of different local solutions ranging from ZigBee to SVN servers.

Most modern companies operate entirely in the cloud, so there should be no need for the doors at your office to operate differently than your computers.The problem with Salto is that it's not a cloud solution.

Salto's enterprise system works with an on-premise server. Salto needs a multitude of different local solutions ranging from ZigBee to SVN servers. 

Kisi's enterprise system starts with one unit and can be scaled up seamlessly. Kisi's system is truly online, controlled by the cloud and can be updated from anywhere. Click here to see how it works.

 2. Locked in to only one type of lock: 

salto key system
‍Salto's lock is based on Salto's communication standard

As companies grow it's important to stay flexible in terms of what locks to use, there might be different countries or situation that require different solutions. 

Salto requires you to use their proprietary locks. Salto's lock is based on Salto's communication standard.

Kisi works with any lock that is electronically connected so it's vendor neutral. 

3. Is Salto future proof?

salto door locks

As your company grows you need a future-proof system and to rely on a vendor that is always improving its product offering.

For Salto innovation means a new lock

For Kisi innovation means enabling new seamless and secure experiences in spaces using modern technology that includes mobile, IoT and the cloud. Kisi now offers offline functionality as well.

Salto Software

salto access control systems
Wireless locks made by Salto Security works with Access Control like Sallis, Salto KS, XS4 and others.

With Kisi Access Control You Also Get

Looking for an alternative?

Kisi's Cloud Based Physical Access Control System operates purely in the cloud, making it easy to set up and highly scalable as you expand.

Admins are able to easily establish granular controls with group, user and time-based restrictions -- just to name a few. End users have a range of unlocking options, including mobile apps available on Android and iOS, key cards and fobs.

JustIN Mobile main features and benefits: 

  • Completely compatible with the SALTO XS4 escutcheon and wall reader range. 
  • Computer managed through SALTO ProAccess SPACE management software.
  • User Friendly: End user decides how to receive a key: as a JustIN Mobile digital key or as a physical key card. 
  • Allows access rights extension or access rights changes instantly and remotely. 
  • Works on both iOS and Android smartphone devices. Give the possibility to the users to receive their key online, anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure: Smartphone authentication technology for verifying a mobile user’s identity: PIN / Fingerprint. 
  • AES 128 bit communication and secure opening procedure with key received securely encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). 
  • Instant key updates or key cancellations. Real-time access right changes, audit trails, and blacklisting of lost keys. 
  • For a higher security level, no information is stored in the Salto JustIN Cloud.


An advantage of the Salto system is that it is a wireless lock system that includes user credentials. No need for vulnerable HID readers.


The disadvantages are that you still need a local server so it's not a fully cloud-based system.


The Salto system is a great option, especially when used in multi-lock environments with many doors. Like many other major access control manufacturers, finding a pricing list for Salto locks online is not easy and you will ultimately have to rely on a custom quote.

At Kisi we want to ensure maximum transparency on all aspects of our product, including its pricing, and while we do provide advantageous custom quotes for companies with specific needs, we also provide an overview of our simple pricing model.

What are the alternatives?

For further information about access control costs you can take a look at our article on access control systems installation costs.

If you are looking for an alternative to Salto, see how Kisi works here.

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