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Avigilon Access Control Review and Price List

Aviglion Video Software

Avigilon is a Canadian physical security service provider headquartered in Vancouver. The company is well known for its three major solutions – HD video surveillance system (HDSM), video analytics and access control solution named as access control manager (ACM). Avigilon access control solution is a cloud-based service that runs from the supported web browsers.

Avigilon Access Control Products

The Avigilon ACS is an open field cloud access control solution that is adaptable to all major providers of hardware devices. The company offers a wide range of hardware and software products along with the long listed of supported products from the third party business partners. The major products of an Avigilon access control system are listed below.

  • Access Control Manager (ACM) Software platform
  • Imbedded Access controller appliance
  • Network controller
  • Wireless digital locks
  • Panel interface modules
  • Contactless card readers
  • HID key fobs
  • ACM handheld device
  • Biometric card readers with keypads
  • Many other third party access control products

Avigilon Solutions in One Sentence

“Avigilon access control solution is an open-field, open hardware and a cloud-based integrated solution to address a wide range of physical security problems for customers of all sizes.”

Major Features That Make Avigilon Unique

Avigilon keeps full focus on customer-oriented security solutions. Avigilon cloud access control solution offers numerous features, functionalities and capabilities to meet a wide range of access control requirements of a client. There a few very important features, as given below that make it unique in the marketplace.

  • Legacy Hardware Support: Avigilon hardware and software platform supports all kinds of legacy access control system to integrate into the main ACS system. Avigilon keeps all existing hardware intact and utilizes them by integrating with the core system. No need to discard your existing equipment.
  • Open Hardware Platform: You can use the hardware of your choice by integrating it into Avigilon access control manager and controllers. You can also choose any desired hardware from the partner companies like HID, VIRDI, ASSA ABLOY, Allegion, Mercury, Schlage and others.
  • Fully Cloud-Based: No additional infrastructure is required to install, upgrade and manage the security system. It is a completely cloud-based solution, which keeps you away from any additional charges for infrastructure and system maintenance.
  • Easy to Use: You can access through the supported web browsers by providing valid credentials. You don’t need to learn complex and technical things to manage this system. Avigilon keeps you away from incurring the training cost for your technical staff.
Access Control Software
Avigilon Software

Is Cloud or Mobile Component Supported?

Yes, both cloud and mobile components are supported in Avigilon access system.

How the Cloud Component Works

Once your entire access system is installed and integrated with the ACM software, which can be used from the cloud through web browsers. You can access your ACM software from any computer, mobile or tablet through the supported browsers from anywhere in the world by entering valid user credentials.

How Mobile Can Be Used in Avigilon ACS Solutions

Any mobile phone with the supported web browsers can be used as a computing device. Avigilon ACM can be accessed through any kind of mobile phone that runs web browsers. So, it is more secure and reliable to use mobile for accessing main software.

Other Security Products Avigilon Offers

Avigilon manufactures a set of different hardware products, including security cameras that can be integrated into their access control system. The price range for their cameras goes from a little over $100 for a 1.0 Megapixel HD cam to over $1,400 for a high-end, 11 Megapixel model.

Who can benefit from it?

Avigilon offers cloud-based access control solution, so it does not require upfront cost. It can also be used to integrate existing hardware, third party hardware and video surveillance systems to make a robust access control system. It is very suitable for SMBs and domestic uses.

Looking for an alternative?

Kisi offers a state-of-the-art cloud solution currently installed on hundreds of high traffic facilities all over the world. Users can access with both smartphones and keycards, access rights are easy to manage by admins and the solution is 100% scalable and adaptable to anyone's business needs. For more information, take a look at our pricing tiers.

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